Are REITs the Holy Grail of Yield?

The current spread between the yield on a broad REIT portfolio and the yield on the US 10-year Treasury suggests that while REITS are reasonably priced, they aren’t particularly cheap. […]

Free Online Bond Investing Course

20 Lessons On Investing In Fixed Income Products With A Focus On Bonds. Lessons Include How Fixed Income Products are Taxed, Buy & Hold vs Trading, The Yield Curve and Picking Maturity Dates . . […]

Are Bank Bonds Cheap? GS, BAC, MS Offer 5% Yields

All of these bonds are investment grade, in fact, rated A- by S&P. According to the Bond Desk Group, 5 – 10 year financial corporate bonds with an A rating offer on average 2.97% more yield than non-financials with similar maturities and ratings. […]
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