Should Apple behave like a hedge fund?

Apple (AAPL) , Google (GOOG), and Microsoft (MSFT) all hold lots of cash: respectively $100 billion, $45 billion, and $60 billion. These three companies manage $205 billion in cash. That is pretty close to how much… […]

Investing in Junk Bonds – Part 3

So you’ve learned when to be in the junk bond market and when to be out as well as how to evaluate individual junk bonds and have decided to take the plunge and pick out an individual junk bond or two. How does one actually do this? […]
junk bond market part 2

How to Invest in Junk Bonds – Part 2

First, caveats are in order. Picking bonds, just like picking individual stocks, is not for the faint of heart or suitable anyone that does not understand accounting, financial statement analysis, and the basics of finance. It also probably represents an…. […]
junk bond market 1

Investing in Junk Bonds – Part 1

Especially in an environment of historically low interest rates (1% on a 5 year CD anyone?), many investors are tempted to chase yield in any corner they can find it. If you have been accustomed to receiving 4 to 6% interest on a long term CD or bond and…. […]
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