Where to Invest “Safe” Money?

Many people who have been accustomed to receiving 5% and higher yields on CDs, treasury bonds and other “safe money” instruments are now faced with increasing maturities and have to decide what to do with the funds… […]

What CD Length Should I Buy?

We believe that the 3 year high yield CDs being offered by CIT, Doral, ALLY Bank offer the best combination of yield and while positioning investors for higher yields at maturity. […]

Brokered CD – What it is and How it Works

Rather than limiting your choice of certificates of deposit to what your bank has to offer, brokered CDs give you additional possibilities. As the name indicates, a broker or similar intermediary looks for different CDs from different institutions, typically selecting the most advantageous ones in terms of interest rates and terms. […]

CDs Rates Beat Bonds in the Short Term

If your top concern is safety, there is no question that an FDIC insured CD is safer than any bond which is not directly backed by the government of the United States. However, if you are looking for more yield the answer is more complicated…. […]
laddering with CD's

How to Build a CD Ladder

One of the biggest reasons why you would want to avoid investing in a long term certificate of deposit, is because interest rates may rise […]
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