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A Global Economy With a Split Personality

If the global economy is viewed as one entity, it demonstrates a split personality. On the cheerier side there is the U.S. economy. It is growing in spite of little help on the fiscal side, households which still have fairly high levels of debt and headwinds blowing in from overseas. […]

Making Sense of Credit Market Happenings

It is getting easier and easier to write “Making Sense.” It seems that each and every day, incoming data are consistent with our overall outlook and financial publications are filled with articles which make reference to or support arguments which Bond Squad has put forth for more than a year. As such, our reports can be brief and concise. Today we will discuss credit market happenings, but first the economic data. […]

What is Going on in the Bond Market?

In many economic models, economists contend that the “real” rate of interest is related to the expected real growth rate of the economy. Hence, the “real” rate of interest should, in some way move in a direction that is consistent with what market participants believe to be the “expected” growth rate of the economy. […]
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