The News Spy Review – Is it Safe and Profitable?

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The News Spy is a top trending automated trading system for crypto. It is said to be the most advanced news-trading platform in 2021. Thousands claim to be using it to make fortunes in the ever-growing crypto volatility.

We have come across tens of expert reviews claiming that The News Spy is the most lucrative crypto trading robot. Some top crypto publications call it revolutionary and claim that it offers the shortest route to making a million dollars in crypto.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to know anything about crypto or trading to use it. This is because it does all the trading automatically. 

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All trading carries risk.

But is The News Spy LEGIT and safe? Also, is there proof of its proclaimed profitability rate? Our team of experts has analyzed troves of data and prepared this review for you. Find out the answers to all pertinent questions by reading it to the end.

What is The News Spy?

If you have been following the crypto industry, you must be aware of the impact of news on crypto volatility.

Crypto prices rise, and fall is mostly driven by news. Positive news such as Tesla committing billions of dollars in bitcoin tends to drive prices up. On the other hand, negative news such as China banning bitcoin tends to push prices down.


You can make money off this volatility by placing bets on it. The News Spy is a computer program that helps you trade crypto volatility at an extremely high win rate. Users report that it’s extremely user friendly.

Moreover, it’s said to generate huge profits daily irrespective of market directions. The News Spy utilizes a myriad of techniques to make money off crypto volatility. Among these techniques is short-selling. The short-selling technique enables this bot to make money in falling prices.

You will find this trading platform to be easy to operate. This is because it automates all the technical trading. As explained later in this review, the signup and trading process is completely beginner-friendly. Most of The News Spy reviewers allege that it’s profitable. However, nothing is guaranteed, and the risk found in crypto volatility betting remains.

Is The News Spy a scam?

We have investigated the News Spy and are amazed by the findings. This trading platform is 100% legit.

We have come to this conclusion after verifying all information published on its website. This auto-trading robot offers a blockchain-based trading environment. Blockchain-based trading systems are considered completely transparent and safe.

This is because they encrypt all data and make it possible for all transactions to be verified. Moreover, the subset of blockchain known as the Smart Contracts allows users to solve any disputes during the trading process.

The News Spy has made crucial disclosures on its website. These include its fee criteria and the identity of its 17 partner brokers. As mentioned above, you won’t be charged any fees to access this robot’s trading area.

The News Spy claims to only deduct a 2% commission on every profitable trade. No commission is charged until you are profitable. About 99% of The News Spy competitors charge registration and annual license fees on top of trading commissions.

This review can also confirm that this bot has adequate safety measures in place. Among these measures is top-level platform encryption. The News Spy relies on a 128-bit encryption protocol and is therefore foolproof from most forms of cyberattacks.

We have done rigorous preliminary checks on The News Spy partner brokers and confirmed that they are adequately regulated.

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All trading carries risk

The News Spy Review – Key features

You are probably wondering what makes this auto-trading robot better than others. As stated earlier, The News Spy is probably the most lucrative auto-trading system for crypto. Below are some of its most amazing features.

  • High-level profitability – The News Spy is a high-performance trading bot powered by AI algorithms. Users report a decent daily profit of up to 60%. You have a high chance of earning $1 million by compounding the daily profits from the $250 account for six months.
  • Easy to use platform – You will find The News Spy to be completely beginner-friendly. The trading system is intuitive and comes with adequate materials to guide users. No trading skill or experience is needed to operate this auto-trading system.
  • Affordable to most users – The News Spy is affordable given that no signup or a license fee is needed to use it. The only amount to be deducted is a 2% commission on profitable trades. You don’t pay a single cent to trade with The News Spy.
  • Safe trading environment – The News Spy offers a completely secure trading environment. As stated earlier, this bot is among the few that runs on the blockchain. Blockchain-powered trading ecosystems ensure the highest level of safety and transparency.
  • Regulated brokers – The News Spy, like other trading bots, operates through brokers. It’s backed by 17 brokers regulated in tier-one jurisdictions, including Australia, the UK, Cyprus, and South Africa. Broker regulation is a

The News Spy and Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British celebrity chef. A viral Reddit rumour claims that he has made millions of dollars through The News Spy bot.

There is a huge likelihood that this rumour is fake celebrity news. Gordon Ramsay hasn’t said anything about bitcoin trading. Moreover, The News Spy hasn’t released any information to support these claims.

Avoid fake rumours by counterchecking information on the official The News Spy website. Also, avoid celebrity-related posts since they are likely to be misleading.

The News Spy in the BBC

We have come across a viral Reddit rumour alleging that The News Spy was featured on the Dragons Den show on BBC.

However, we can’t verify these claims since we haven’t managed to identify the episode in which it was featured. Moreover, The News Spy hasn’t published any information on its website to support these claims.

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All trading carries risk

Getting Started with The News Spy

Trading with The News Spy should be quite easy since no technical skill is required. Follow the simple steps as explained below to start trading.

  1. Register for free on The News Spy official website
  2. Verify ID and deposit capital via the assigned robot broker
  3. Test the waters through the provided demo platform
  4. Set The News Spy as per the provided guide and click the live button

The News Spy is a volatility trading system. You should run it from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT to take advantage of the volatility resulting from Wall Street derivatives trading.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
  • Trade
The Best Choice
  • 92% Claimed Win Rate*
  • Start with as little as $/£250
  • Accepts all credit card and Sofort
All trading carries risk.

Is The News Spy legit? Final Word!

Thorough checks on The News Spy confirm that it’s legit and safe. We have conducted rigorous checks and concluded that The News Spy is legit.

It’s said to run on blockchain to ensure a highly secure and transparent trading environment. Blockchain ensures data safety through encryption and transparency by publishing all transactions on a public ledger. All transactions on the public ledger are verifiable.

The News Spy is in partnership with 17 top brokers. Background checks on these brokers indicate that they are adequately regulated. This is important since it assures all clients of funds protection.

Most of the News Spy brokers are monitored by tier-one bodies, including the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC. These regulatory bodies have global level trust. The News Spy is rated highly by most of its clients. The majority allege making decent profits daily.

We are surprised by the number of users alleging to earn their first million-dollar through The News Spy. You need to compound most of the daily profits to attain this goal within a few months of trading. The News Spy is also highly rated by experts, with some calling it the most profitable trading bot in 2021.

This bot could be your best bet but don’t forget about the risks present in crypto speculation. Consequently, only risk what you can afford to lose.

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All trading carries risk


Is The News Spy safe?

We have investigated the News Spy and amassed enough evidence to show that it’s safe. This auto-trading system is equipped with advanced safety features, including high-level encryption.

How much do I pay to use The News Spy?

You won’t pay a single cent to trade with The News Spy. You can start trading with this bot by depositing a trading capital of as little as USD250. Trading capital is what the bot uses to place bets in the market.

Is The News Spy regulated?

The News Spy is monitored through its 17 partner brokers. These brokers are tier-one and therefore adhere to the world's best trading practices. They are monitored by globally respected bodies such as the FCA.

How do I access The News Spy app?

The News Spy app is available for download on the trading resources page. Scroll to the bottom left corner of the page to access the link.

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