Quantum AI Review: Is it Legit or Another Crypto Trading Scam?

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Bitcoin trading can be highly risky, given how volatile crypto markets tend to be. However, with powerful trading tools such as Quantum AI, crypto trading is reportedly becoming more profitable. This is because trading tools can perform trading research better than humans.

Moreover, they can execute trades at supersonic speed hence taking advantage of even the slightest market movements. Quantum AI uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to speculate on crypto at a win rate of up to 99%.

You can reportedly become a millionaire in about 12 months of trading with this bot and from a deposit of $250. At least 70% of Quantum AI reviewers on TrustPilot report earning up to $2000 daily from the first day of trading.

But is Quantum AI scam or legit robot? We have conducted rigorous background checks, and this robot is indeed legit.  Read on to learn more about this robot. 

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    What is Quantum AI?

    Quantum AI is an automated trading system that reportedly generates crazy profits for users. When you visit the Quantum AI website, you’re welcomed by a high-tech introduction highlighting some of the core benefits of AI trading.

    The company behind the system is based in the UK. Quantum AI is an invention of a team of quants and retired Wall Street bankers. There are only a handful of other AI-based trading systems, most of which are owned by the big banks.

    Most are used by the banks and hedge funds to trade for institutional and sophisticated investors. A sophisticated investor is the one with over $1 million in assets under management.

    Leading trading robots are known to generate handsome profits for investors and have over the years proven to be better than the world best wealth managers. Moreover, most wealth managers charge commissions of up to 30% and a 2% wealth management fees.

    Quantum AI charges a 2% commission on profits only. This means that its founders only make money when its users are profitable.

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    Is Quantum AI Legit or Scam?

    Quantum AI seems legit and insanely profitable. At least 70% of reviewers on ForexPeaceArmy report making money through the robot.

    Making money with this robot is reportedly easy since it conducts all the technical aspects of trading automatically. Users are only required to set up an account, set it for trading, and relax as the robot carries out trading for them.

    On a good day, your USD 250 investment should earn you up to $1500. If you are to compound these profits, you will realize that it is possible to grow your account to $1 million in a few months of trading.

    There are reports that about 30% of Quantum AI users have earned a million dollar each through the robot. This is not unexpected, with a highly powerful trading algorithm powered by Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

    It is through this technology that Quantum AI can learn from data and adapt to changing market conditions. Quantum AI also applies the technologies of Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to study and glean insights from quantitative and qualitative data.

    This includes news trading where the robot scans the internet for developing news and takes profitable positions before the markets can respond. News trading is said to be insanely profitable. Quantum AI applies scalping techniques to profit of small price movements.


    How Does Quantum AI Make Money

    Quantum AI applies the same trading principles as leading Wall Street trading robots. As mentioned above, its algorithms are developed out of advanced trading strategies.

    These include a technique known as scalping. Robots that apply the scalping trading technique generate profits out of slight market movements. The speed at which Quantum AI trades enables it to place tens of small trades per minute.

    The sheer number of trades made by this bot daily makes it extremely profitable. As stated earlier, Quantum AI has an accuracy level of above 90%.

    Consequently, at least 9/10 of the trades placed by the robot are profitable. We haven’t carried out live testing on Quantum AI to confirm if the profitability claims are true. However, from the reviews on TrustPilot, this trading robot is undoubtedly profitable.

    Quantum AI is in partnership with reputable robot brokers in all jurisdictions of operation. The role of these brokers is to handle transactions with the robot’s users and place trades in the market as instructed by the robot.

    The brokers also offer a trading margin of up to 4000:1 to help you take bigger market positions than your invested capital. Leverage of 4000:1 means that you can bet on positions worth up to $4000 for every invested dollar.

    Leverage magnifies the outcome of trading, whether positive or negative and should, therefore, be used wisely.

    How to Sign Up With Quantum A.Iquantum ai sign up

    If you want to try your luck with this crypto robot, getting started should be a breeze. Visit the official Quantum AI website and register as directed.

    You will have to confirm your email and phone number to register successfully. Quantum AI will match you with a broker during this stage, and you will need to verify ID with them. ID verification is an important safety measure implemented by all brokers.



    How to Trade With Quantum A.I

    Like other robots, you can only trade with Quantum AI after depositing at least $250. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you will be able to make a deposit.  

    Since this platform is automated, it works for 24 hours, and according to them, the sky is the limit, and you can also trade and make withdrawal requests for your profits at any time.

    Quantum AI Profitability

    Quantum AI website claims that you can earn up to $1500 daily if you invest the minimum balance of $250.

    The profitability is tied to crypto-assets volatility and hence the best time to run Quantum AI is when volatility is high. We find the Eastern Day Light time to be the most convenient trading time due to the heavy crypto derivatives trading on NYSE.

    Heavy crypto derivatives trading has been identified as a key driver of high crypto volatility.

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    Quantum AI with Celebrities

    This trading software popularity has attracted all manner of news, including celebrity gossip. From endorsements to success stories, there have been a lot of rumours linking this crypto robot to celebrities.

    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk has one of the most significant interests in cryptos and blockchain technology. It doesn’t come as a surprise when he’s mentioned alongside popular crypto brands. Even so, there is no evidence that he has invested in the Quantum AI robot.


    Jeff Bezos

    There are also gossip blogs that have linked Jeff Bezos to the Quantum AI trading robot. Bezos is indeed interested in emerging tech, and his company is accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, but there is nothing that links him to fast-paced trading robots.

    Bill Gates

    Gates is a billionaire entrepreneur and the founder of Microsoft. He is interested in tech products and has been featured in the media praising the cryptocurrency concept and predicting that it will take over centralized systems. However, he isn’t known to participate in any form of algorithmic trading.

    It is crucial to always carry out enough background checks before accepting rumours from gossip blogs as the truth. Quantum AI has published all the crucial information on its website to help investors make informed decisions.

    Quantum AI Verdict—Is the Platform Reliable?

    From the pieces of information we’ve been able to gather and the tests we’ve done on this software, we can conclude that it is legit. There is great money-making potential in algorithmic trading, and hence it’s prudent to give it a test. 

    Remember that all trading involves significant risk and hence only trade with what you can afford to lose.


    Who are the founders of Quantum AI?

    The company has offices in the UK and was founded by quants from MIT and former investment bankers. You can learn more about the founders on the 'About Us' page on the Quantum AI website.

    Is Quantum AI Safe?

    Yes! Quantum AI seems to implement all the necessary customer protection measures. These include a partnership with reputable brokers and top encryption on all its platforms. Quantum AI is also compliant to data privacy laws, including the GDPR.

    How Much Can I Make Daily with Quantum AI?

    There is a possibility of generating up to $1500 daily from an investment of $250 only. This amount can grow to $1 million if reinvested daily.

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