Is the BitQH Crypto Trading App Legit and Profitable? Find out here!

Author: felix

Bitcoin is gaining acceptance in the mainstream rapidly. This can only mean that its value is bound to keep growing.

Most experts are upbeat that it will hit $100,000 by the end of this year. Tens of thousands of traders are already making huge profits in the ever-rising volatility. Amazingly, the most profits are reportedly earned through a trading system known as BitQH.

BitQH was launched in 2016 and has remained a household name since then. The trading system has gone viral in the last five months, thanks to the ongoing crypto boom. Some of the reviewers allege using BitQH to grow a small investment into a fortune.

This trading system could make you a millionaire in a few months of reinvesting profits. You need to invest at least USD250 to get started. But is BitQH a scam, or is it trustworthy?

Our team of investigators concludes that this platform is safe and legit. Read this review to learn the facts in details.

What is BitQH?

Automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is revolutionizing finance in 2022. Trading robots and robo-advisors control trillions of dollars today.

A trading robot automates the day-trading process, while a robo-advisor is for long term investment. Robo-advisors include investment apps such as Betterment and Accenture. These are for long term investment and therefore not the best fit for people looking for a daily online income.

Trading robots are the best if you are looking to make fast profits online. There are thousands of day trading robots out there, but only very few are worth their salt. Trading robots generate huge profits by trading asset volatility using leverage.

Think of leverage as a loan provided relative to your invested capital. Case in point, if you invest $250 and get leverage of 1000:1, then you can bet on positions worth up to $250,000. Leverage of 1000:1 means that you get a loan of $1000 for every $1 of the deposit.

Some trading robots are highly specialized, while others trade multiple assets. The highly specialized ones have been identified to perform exceptionally well. BitQH is a highly specialized trading robot for crypto.

This bot trades at a leverage of 5000:1 and uses the arbitrage trading techniques. In layman’s terms, arbitrage trading involves taking advantage of small price differences on different crypto exchanges. You may find this trading lingo hard to comprehend, but there is nothing to worry about since BitQH does all the trading for you.

Is BitQH legit and safe?

We have zero doubts about BitQH legitimacy. Our investigation confirms that it’s legit and safe. This review has established that BitQH runs on blockchain technology. Blockchain is the mother of transparency, and therefore only legit systems can run on it.

BitQH user can track all transactions on their trading accounts fully and anonymously. Even better, they can raise and solve pricing disputes through Smart Contracts Technology (SCT). The SCT is an important subset of blockchain.

Further background checks on BitQH reveals that it’s safe. Any data submitted through its website is secured through 128-bit RSA encryption. This encryption prevents hackers and snoopers from accessing your information, including billing data.

BitQH has also published a detailed data privacy policy. We have skimmed through the policy and are convinced that it’s comprehensive. It seems to capture all the data privacy requirements per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

The GDPR is a data privacy law put in place to protect EU citizens. Fraudulent trading systems do not pay any attention to data privacy since they aim to steal from you. 

We have also done thorough checks on BitQH partner brokers and confirmed that they are trustworthy. They are adequately regulated and are highly rated by clients. Finally, thousands of users have left BitQH a review on platforms such as TrustPilot. The reviews are generally good.

BitQH Trading App

You can trade with BitQH on the web or a mobile app. The web trader is accessible through chrome, firefox, and Safari browsers. You can trade through the web-trader on your desktop or mobile devices.

The mobile app is hybrid and therefore comes with all the features present in the web trader. You will receive an email with BitQH app download instructions after signup. You can also download the app by visiting the trading resources page.

BitQH has announced that it will soon be launching a desktop app. The desktop app will be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Keep checking on their website for the launch announcement.

How to trade with BitQH

This trading platform will be quite easy to use if you read the provided trading guide. The guide is easy to follow for complete beginners.

Register with BitQH on their official website by clicking here. You will be connected with a local broker and asked to provide ID verification documents. All financial institutions across the globe must verify the identities of their clients to prevent money laundering.

BitQH partner brokers complete the verification process within a few hours. You can proceed with the other steps as the broker verifies your document. Deposit at least USD250 as instructed by the broker.

We can confirm that BitQH accepts multiple deposit methods, including Visa, Master Card, and direct bank transfer. You may also use some e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Web Money with some of the partner brokers.

It takes a few seconds for deposits made through bank transfer and debit/credit cards to reflect in your trading account. Deposits through other methods may take some time to appear on your trading account.

Watch the trading tutorial on the resources page and test BitQH through the demo. Proceed to live trading once comfortable with the platform. All trading involves risk!

Is BitQH worth my money? The Verdict!

BitQH seems like the perfect bet for anyone interested in an easy, less risky, and highly profitable way to trade bitcoin.

It’s extremely easy to run since all the technical functions are automated. Anyone can reportedly hit the homerun with it from the first minute of trading. You need to set the trading system in line with the provided risk control guide before going live.

BitQH ranks top on the best bitcoin trading tools list for 2022. It’s reviewed highly by experts as well as individual consumers. BitQH has for the last year ranked among the top 3 most searched terms on Google and Bing.

The majority of the searches are from Europe, Australia, and North America. You can trade with BitQH from any country supporting crypto CFDs trading. Unfortunately, you can’t use this bot in the US since the SEC does not allow retail CFDs trading.

We are surprised by the high number of users claiming to make good profits through this bot. Some even claim to grow a small account with just $250 into a million dollars. Try your luck by clicking here. Crypto trading is risky! Never deposit more than 10% of your total savings in a high-risk investment.

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