BitQZ App Review 2022 – Is it Safe and Profitable? Find out here!

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Tens of expert online entrepreneurs review BitQZ as the best bitcoin trading tool for 2022. Thousands of people have reportedly tried it and made good money.

You can also try your luck with it, given that it’s free and easy to use. This platform could reportedly turn your finances around and make you a millionaire. Some of the reviewers on TrustPilot allege earning their first million dollars through BitQZ.

Moreover, it’s said to be a consistent performer and could be a stable source of livelihood. The bot applies advanced HFT trading techniques to speculate on rising and falling crypto prices. But is BitQZ legit, or are all these claims hot air? 

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The Best Choice
  • Claims to have 90%+ trading accuracy
  • Start with as little as $/£250
  • Accepts all credit card and Sofort
All trading carries risk.

We have put together a team of experts to determine if this trading platform is worthwhile. Their findings are discussed in details in this review.

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    Is BitQZ a scam? Review Summary!

    This is the million-dollar question for most readers. We have put our best foot forward to prepare a detailed and unbiased BitQZ review.

    But first things first, this trading system is legit! We have analyzed troves of data from multiple sources and didn’t find any red flags to indicate that BitQZ is a scam. The data includes tens of thousands of individual consumer reviews on Reddit and TrustPilot.

    From the reviews, it’s evident that BitQZ is profitable. At least 90% of the reviewers’ rate this platform a 5-star on TrustPilot. An analysis of the feedback shows that most are making amazing profits with it.

    Also, the majority claims that it’s easy to use. You only need to register and deposit your trading capital, and the system will do the rest for you.

    We can confirm that BitQZ is safe. Its website is adequately encrypted and therefore impenetrable. Moreover, this trading bot is powered by tier-one partner brokers. These brokers adhere to strict regulatory guidelines, including segregating funds with top banks.

    Some BitQZ robot brokers allege segregating funds through the UK’s HSCB and the National Bank of Australia (NBA). Deposit segregation is an important measure since it prevents the broker from using clients’ funds as its working capital.


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    All trading carries risk

    What is BitQZ?

    BitQZ is a platform where ordinary people can make insane profits on bitcoin volatility. This platform uses powerful algorithms to automate the trading process.

    BitQZ algorithms are powerful enough to analyze big data and generate up to 20 tradable signals per minute. Experts estimate that at least 17 out of these 20 trades are accurate. This means that there is a 90% possibility of making it with this platform.

    As mentioned earlier, BitQZ is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s powered by the subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) to adapt to changing market conditions. BitQZ uses advanced HFT trading methods to trade both the bull and the bear market.

    The bull market is characterized by rising asset prices, while the bear market involves plummeting prices. You don’t need to master any of these terminologies to use this platform successfully.

    All trading with BitQZ is automated and the manual inputs required before trading are explained in layman’s terms. You will be provided with a video tutorial explaining the trading process on registration.

    Dedicate enough time to understanding the platform and test your understanding through the provided demo account. The BitQZ demo comes with virtual capital of up to $10,000 and runs on historical data to give you a live trading experience.


    Is BitQZ Profitable? Key Points!

    It seems that over 90% of those who try BitQZ end up making good profits. But you shouldn’t make this a guarantee for profitability. This is because the crypto markets are highly unpredictable, and there is a huge possibility of losing money when trading them.

    BitQZ minimizes the risks through the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools but doesn’t eliminate them. At least 5% of the reviewers report blowing up their accounts within hours of trading with this robot.

    But the potential payouts associated with this platform make it worth a try. However, we recommend you must apply prudent investment measures. These include not trading with more than 10% of your savings. A prudent investment strategy should have diversification at its core, with high-risk investments not taking over 10% of the total savings.

    BitQZ offers a risk appetite test to help you determine how much you should invest. The test is available after registration and initial deposit. Ensure that you take it and adjust the Stop Loss and Take Profit features according to the results.

    BitQZ also offers a Negative Balance Protection (NBP) tool to prevent users from trading into the negative. This trading system offers high-leverage trading, and hence losses could easily roll into the negative. The NBP tool detects when this is about to happen and suspends trading.

    Getting started with BitQZ

    This trading system is easy to use. However, you must go through the provided settings guide before starting trading.

    As mentioned earlier, the trading guide is in layman’s terms. This means that you should be able to follow them easily. However, there is a high likelihood of missing some important setting instructions if you rush through the guide.

    Dedicate at least 40 minutes to watching the trading tutorial video and practising on the demo account. You should be ready for live trading after the demo. As mentioned above, the BitQZ demo account offers a full simulation of the live account.

    This means that the outcome of the demo is usually not very far from the live trading experience. Live trading involves adjusting the trading system as per the guide and toggling the live trading button.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • Claims to have 90%+ trading accuracy
    • Start with as little as $/£250
    • Accepts all credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.

    BitQZ Review 2021 – Final word!

    This review concludes that BitQZ is legit and safe. It could also be highly profitable, as thousands of reviewers allege.

    BitQZ is a top-rated trading system with over 20,000 reviews on the internet. We have analyzed these reviews and are amazed by the results. At least 90% of the reviewers express great satisfaction with BitQZ performance.

    This trading system is said to offer a hassle-free way to make money online. Users claim to use it to ride the bitcoin wave at daily profitability of up to 70%. This profitability rate has reportedly turned some of the users into millionaires.

    You need to compound nearly all the daily profits to earn the said fortunes. BitQZ is said to be extremely easy to operate. You only need to register and deposit trading capital as instructed to get started.

    BitQZ will automatically do the rest for you. You have an option to automate withdrawals to happen when certain profitability thresholds are achieved. BitQZ could be the platform to transform your financial life in 2022, but it’s not risk-free.

    Crypto trading involves risk! Never put all your savings in a high-risk trading system such as BitQZ.


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    All trading carries risk


    Is BitQZ a scam?

    BitQZ perfectly fits the profile of a legit and trustworthy trading platform. It’s highly secured and is compliant with regulatory requirements in jurisdictions of operations.

    How do I withdraw my profits from BitQZ?

    BitQZ allows an easy withdrawal process. You only need to fill a simple request form with the assigned broker and wait for up to 12 working hours for the funds to process.

    Does BitQZ charge any hidden fees?

    We have analyzed hundreds of BitQZ reviews and didn’t find any complaints about its fee criteria. You will only pay a 2% commission on the profits earned. The assigned broker will also charge a small spread.

    Is the BitQZ trading system secure?

    Yes! The BitQZ trading system is secure. We can confirm that it’s secured through a 128-bit RSA encryption protocol. Also, we have conducted background checks on their partner brokers, and they are well regulated.

    Can I trade with BitQZ on my smartphone?

    Yes! BitQZ is available in web and mobile app versions. The web version should work on most desktop and mobile browsers. You can download the mobile app through the provided link. It’s hybrid and therefore compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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