BitQL Robot Review 2020: Scam Crypto Robot or not?

BitQL is a trending new crypto robot that claims to be able to automatically bet on crypto markets with a 90%+ accuracy. Does it live up to its bold claims or does it fall short? Find out in our review.
Adam Green
Author: Adam Green

Last Updated: October 26, 2020
Our Rating 4/5

BitQL is a popular bitcoin trading robot said to earn users insane profits speculating on bitcoin. Users can reportedly earn up to $1 million in about a year of trading with this robot if they compound their daily profits.

A typical user with just USD 250 in invested capital can reportedly make up to $1250 daily. Anyone, including those that are completely green to crypto, can successfully trade with this robot. But is BitQL legit or scam and is it profitable as most reviews claim? We did rigorous background testing to reveal if this robot is legit.

Try BitQL (Excellent Crypto Robot)


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  • Uses computer algorithms with a reported 90% accuracy level
  • Trades over 50 Crypto pairs
  • Start with as little as £/$250
  • Up to 5000:1 leverage
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All trading carries risk.

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    BitQL Review Summary

    This trading robot seems to be a perfect tool for making money online for all types of users. It is easy to use, and there are no prerequisites to registering and trading with it. Here is a summary of some of the crucial points to note about the BitQL trading system.

    • BitQL uses intelligent computer algorithms to make bets on crypto prices at a 90% accuracy level. This is reportedly ten times better than what Wall Street’s best trader can achieve.
    • Under favourable market conditions, users can earn profits of up to five times their invested capital. This means that a deposit of USD 250 can generate up to $1000 daily.
    • With the BitQL trading system, you can make handsome profits even when crypto prices are on a free fall. The bot applies short selling strategies to generate profits from plummeting prices.
    • The BitQL trading system trades bitcoin CFDs on over 50 crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat currencies. Examples include BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCBCH, and BTCETH.
    • BitQL implements trades in the markets through tier-one brokers. These brokers offer trading systems with instant order execution capabilities.
    • The brokers also provide leverage of 5000:1, and thus BitQL users can bet on trading positions worth up to $5000 for every $1 of capital.

    BitQL reportedly offers an easy and more profitable way to make money online through crypto trading. Moreover, it’s less risky than buying and selling crypto directly. But this does not mean that it’s risk-free. We insist that you only trade an amount you can afford to lose.

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    What exactly is BitQL?

    BitQL is a trading system founded by a former Lehman’s Brothers banker in 2013. It’s the oldest BTC trading system in the market today.

    BTQL has allegedly helped a lot of people gain financial freedom trading bitcoin. At least 50% of users have allegedly earned up to $500k in profits in the last six months. BitQL is a robot for all, even though registration slots are usually limited. 

    You need to keep trying your luck by visiting BitQL website until you can secure a slot. BitQL is the first trading system to apply the coveted Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to conduct trading on behalf of users.

    bitql super technology

    Wall Street firms are investing billions of dollars in AI-driven trading systems, given their profitability potential. These trading systems have mostly been used by big hedge funds to manage sophisticated investors’ wealth. A sophisticated investor is an investor with at least $1 million in invested capital.

    BitQL trading software is the first and perhaps the only AI-trading system that is available to the ordinary person. No license fees or trading skills are needed to run this trading app. You only need to sign-up, and the bot will do the rest for you.

    You can automate almost everything, including withdrawals and reinvestments. We find it wise to withdraw or plough back profits daily.

    Trading with the BitQL system

    The BitQL system is surprisingly easy to use even for those that are completely new to crypto. This is because there is very little manual input in the trading process on the side of the user.

    The only thing you need to do when trading with BitQL is set the trading conditions, as explained in the trading guide. You also need to define what percentage of daily profits you would prefer to reinvest. There is also an option to have the profits automatically deposited in your bank account. 

    Like most robots, BitQL system operates through specialized robot brokers. Robot brokers are responsible for facilitating trading conditions and handling transactions with clients. BitQL automatically relays the trading signals it generates from trading market research to the broker for execution.

    Robot brokers facilitate trading by offering trading leverage. With BitQL brokers, the leverage is up to 5000:1. Think of leverage as a loan provided by the broker relative to what you invest. Leverage of 5000:1 means that the broker loans you $5000 for every $1 you invest. 

    With such leverage, a trading account with $250 can take positions worth up to $1 million. Such high leverage is what enables BitQL to generate the said profits. Over leveraged trades also result in increased risk, and hence traders must take extra precaution. BitQL comes with advanced risk management tools to help you manage this risk.

    Open your account

    BitQL Registration and Trading Process

    There are no special prerequisites to trading with the BitQL system. Moreover, this trading system is available internationally in the best part of the EU, Asia, North America, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. 

    However, new BitQL app registration slots are limited, and hence you must keep trying your luck until you can secure a trading position. 

    You can start earning profits with the BitQL app right-away by registering through the process explained below.

    Create a free account

    Registration is fast, secure, and simple and happens on BitQL website. Fill the provided form accurately and agree to the BitQL terms and conditions.

    There is also an option to choose whether to be included in the robot’s mailing list. We strongly advise that you opt-in since BitQL mostly uses email to offer market updates. You may miss important communications if you do not choose to be part of their mailing list.

    BitQL will connect you to a partner broker during registration, and you will be asked to verify personal details with them. It’s a mandatory security measure for the broker to verify the identities of all users. The verification process is straightforward and fast. 

    bitql register

    Deposit at least USD 250 in trading capital

    Fund your BitQT trading account with at least USD 250. Remember that account funding happens through the assigned robot broker.

    We have ascertained that BitQT robot brokers are regulated and hence safe to use. Deposit options, including debit and credit cards, bank transfer, and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and crypto-wallets, are accepted.

    You won’t need to wait for hours for your trading capital to reflect in your account since all deposits facilitate instantly.

    deposit funds bitql

    Practice on the BitQL App demo

    You don’t need any special skill to participate in auto-trading but you must master the features of the trading system before going live.

    Failure to take time to understand the platform may lead to costly mistakes. That’s why BitQL app provides a comprehensive trading guide and a demo trading account to help you prepare. The demo platforms look exactly like the live platform and backtest on historical data to simulate a real trading environment.

    It, therefore, goes without saying that the results of the BitQL demo are not very far from the results of live trading. We find it helpful to dedicate at least one hour into practice before switching to the live account.

    Start making money on the live account

    Live trading with BitQT should be a piece of cake if you have practised enough on the demo. Adjust the risk management features as instructed in the guide and toggle the “Trade Now” button. 

    BitQL will do the trading for you and notify you of the progress through text messages on your mobile phone. You can sit back and have fun as your money makes money for you. Trading with BitQT doesn’t require any technical input.

    The best time to run this bot according to crypto trading experts is during live trading in the New York Stock Exchange. This bourse is a key driver of crypto volatility and hence a great contributor to crypto profitability.

    bitql legit live earnings

    Is BitQL bitcoin Robot legit? Final word!

    We have done thorough background checks on BitQL trading app and are happy with the findings. This powerful trading system seems to offer the easiest and yet highly profitable and less risky way to trade BTC.

    You can take advantage of this platform to trade the crypto boom of 2020/2021. There is a high likelihood that you may end up in the millionaire’s club if you follow its investment rules. Visit BtQT trading app website by clicking the link below.

    Try BitQL (Excellent Crypto Robot)


    bitql logo
    • Uses computer algorithms with a reported 90% accuracy level
    • Trades over 50 Crypto pairs
    • Start with as little as £/$250
    • Up to 5000:1 leverage
    bitql logo
    All trading carries risk.


    Is BitQL App a scam or not?

    No! BitQL app is not a scam! This robot works through top brokers regulated in most jurisdictions and hence maintains a high level of transparency.

    Is BitQL App profitable?

    BitQL trading robot seems extremely profitable given the thousands of positive reviews from users on independent review sites such as TrustPilot.

    Did BitQL bitcoin app appear on the Shark Tank?

    Some Reddit posts claim that BitQL was pitched in the Shark Tank in early 2014. However, we cannot confirm these claims since there is no evidence to support them.

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