Is BitPremium a scam or Legit Trading System? Find the Truth Here!

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BitPremium was reportedly founded in 2016 to help ordinary people trade bitcoin. The trading system has reportedly made thousands of users rich through BTC CFDs trading. It’s alleged to analyze the markets at supersonic speeds and implement highly accurate trades. But is it legit?

We have investigated BitPremium and found enough evidence to show that it’s legit. A rigorous analysis of feedback from users also reveals that it’s likely profitable. This review of BitPremium will discuss the findings in detail.

But first things first, it’s important to note that BitPremium is a fully auto trading system. This means that anyone can use it successfully.

Please note that no skill is required to trade with BitPremium. The technical language used in this review is for illustrative purposes only. You do not need to understand everything to use BitPremium successfully.

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All trading carries risk.

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    BitPremium Review – Overview!

    We have combed the internet for BitPremium information and discovered that it’s a highly popular trading system.

    It’s top ranking on Google Trends and has been reviewed by over 20,000 users on TrustPilot. At least 90% of the reviews are positive and indicate great profitability. BitPremium has also received tens of expert reviews, and they all affirm that it’s legit.

    This review can confirm that BitPremium has secured partnerships with quality robot brokers. These brokers observe strict regulatory guidelines dictated by tier-one regulators such as the EU Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    BitPremium sends signals to these brokers for implementation. The brokers are also mandated with handling all transactions with clients. Robots are usually not authorized as financial institutions and must partner with brokers to accept deposits from the public.

    You do not have to be a crypto trading expert to trade with BitPremium. This is because all the technical trading functions are automated. Users are only required to adjust the trading settings as per the trading guide and toggle the live trading button.

    BitPremium conducts trading research at supersonic speed and relays signals to the underlying broker for execution. The underlying brokers offer powerful systems to ensure instant execution. BitPremium users are provided with leverage of up to 3000:1 to enable them to place huge orders with little capital.

    A deposit of just $250 can reportedly generate up to $800 daily when the trading conditions are right. Users who compound at least 60% of their profits may earn up to $1 million within months of trading. BitPremium could be highly profitable, but it also comes at significant risk. Only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

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    All trading carries risk

    What is BitPremium, and how does it work?

    BitPremium is an automated BTC CFDs trading service. You can access this service from anywhere in the EU, North America, Australia, and some parts of the Middle East and Africa.

    There are no prerequisites to using this service. Anyone can sign up and start earning the supposed profits right from the beginning.

    BitPremium utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to do trading research. Trading research involves both fundamental and technical strategies. Fundamental strategies mostly involve news trading. BitPremium algorithms rely on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to read and generate insights from human language.

    The robot can comb billions of pages within a millisecond and glean insights from emerging news. BitPremium also conducts technical analysis by analyzing tens of thousands of historical charts and identifying tradable patterns.

    This trading robot applies HFT trading techniques such as scalping to generate returns from small price movements. As mentioned earlier, BitPremium applies trading leverage of up to 3000:1. This magnifies the small trades and hence the supposed profitability.

    It’s worth noting that leverage also increases the risk of losing your trading capital. BitPremium should be treated as a high-risk, high return trading system. Investment experts advise against investing more than 10% of your savings in a fast-paced trading system.

    Is BitPremium a scam or legit system?

    A lot of our readers have asked us whether BitPremium is a safe or scam trading system. As mentioned above, our investigation reveals that this trading system. Our conclusion is based on the facts stated below.

    •        BitPremium seems to have made all disclosures needed to make an informed investment decision. For instance, they have published their fee criteria and have disclosed the ID of their partner brokers.
    •         A thorough background check on BitPremium partner brokers shows that they are all regulated by tier-one institutions. These include the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Service Board of South Africa (FSB).
    •         BitPremium has invested inadequate platform safety. Their website is RSA encrypted to prevent data theft. Moreover, they seem compliant with data privacy laws such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    •         There are over 50k BitPremium reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot. Most of the reviewers allege that it’s profitable and easy to use.
    •         BitPremium has received wide media coverage. It has been reviewed on top crypto publications and discussed by experts on leading TV shows in the UK and Australia.
    •         We haven’t found any complaints regarding the BitPremium withdrawal process. You only need to fill the withdrawal form and wait for up to five hours for the transaction to be processed.

    This review confirms that BitPremium is a legit trading system. It seems highly profitable, but it also comes at a risk. All crypto trading is highly risky. It would be imprudent to invest all your savings in a high-risk investment. With BitPremium, a deposit of USD250 is a good starting point.

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    All trading carries risk

    Getting started with BitPremium

    Trading with BitPremium should be quite easy for those who can read and follow simple instructions. As mentioned earlier, there are no skills requirements for trading with this system.

    You only need to sign up and fund your account through the linked broker. The minimum account balance required to trade with BitPremium is USD250. BitPremium is available in countries that support retail CFDs trading.

    You can trade with this robot from anywhere in Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia. Some parts of Africa and the Middle East are also supported. Unfortunately, the US does not allow retail CFDs trading.

    Register a free account

    Sign up for free with BitPremium by registering a free account here. Follow the registration link on this review to ensure that you are signing up on the official BitPremium website.

    Countercheck your details before submitting the registration form. Failure to submit accurate details may lead to account suspension. BitPremium will match you with one of their partner brokers after registration.

    You will be required to verify ID and provide proof of current address to fully authenticate your trading account. Only fully verified accounts can withdraw. ID verification and proof of current address is a mandatory measure implemented by all well-regulated brokers.

    Deposit at least USD250 in trading capital

    Fund your BitPremium account through the matched robot broker. You need as little as USD250 to trade with this robot.

    BitPremium does not charge any registration or transaction fees. The only deduction made from your account is a 2% commission on any profits made through the system. Unprofitable accounts do not incur any charges.

    BitPremium deposit options include debit/credit cards, wire transfer, and most e-wallets. Your money should reflect in your trading account instantly.

    Practice on BitPremium demo account

    BitPremium offers a practice account for users to test different functionalities before risking real money. The demo comes with $10,000 virtual capital and runs on historical data.

    This provides a simulation of live trading. You need to watch the trading tutorial video before going live. Dedicate at least an hour to prepare before moving to the live account.

    BitPremium offers a dedicated account manager to help you make the baby steps to trading. You will receive a call from the manager immediately after registration.

    Start a live session

    You should find BitPremium trading setup to be simple if you have taken time to understand the platform during demo trading.

    Live trading involves defining the risk parameters and toggling the live button. BitPremium does all the trading automatically leaving you to do what you love as your money works for you. BitPremium generates daily returns of up to 60%.

    You can compound the returns to grow your account. Some of the reviewers allege growing their accounts to over $1 million within months of compounding profits.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • 92% Claimed Win Rate*
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.

    Is BitPremium worthwhile? The Verdict!

    BitPremium perfectly matches our profile of a legit trading system. It also seems highly likely to be profitable, given the positive reviews from its users.

    BitPremium is also rated highly by clients on most expert review platforms. Some expert reviewers allege that it’s the next big thing in crypto trading.

    BitPremium can reportedly turn a small investment of USD250 to tens of thousands within a week of trading. Some BitPremium reviews allege that it’s possible to grow such a small investment to over a million-dollar through compounding.

    Open your account

    All trading carries risk


    How does BitPremium work?

    BitPremium offers automated trading through AI-driven trading algorithms. You only need to sign up and fund your account with at least $250 to participate in auto-trading.

    How much can I make with BitPremium?

    You could generate up to 70% in daily profits during high volatility. Of course, you need to apply the right trading settings as instructed in the trading guide.

    Does BitPremium offer a trading app?

    BitPremium offers multiple trading platforms, including a web trader, a desktop app, and a mobile app. You will receive the BitPremium app download link after registration.

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