BitPal Trading App Review – Is it a Scam or Legit System?

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You could earn superior returns within months by investing in bitcoin through an AI-driven algorithm– BitPal App. This trading bot is increasingly becoming popular in 2021 thanks to its ease of use and great profitability.

The BitPal Trading App allows you to place bets on extremely volatile bitcoin prices. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze market trends and place trades with at least 90% profitability.

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All trading carries risk.

You will find the BitPal App pretty simple to use. Most of its functions are automated, meaning you won’t have to waste your valuable time operating it. The App allows you to focus on other stuff as it places bets on your behalf.

But, how legitimate is the BitPal App? Also, is the BitPal trading algorithm the real deal as some traders claim? Well, we’ve done some digging and compiled all the facts about BitPal in our detailed review below.


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    Is the BitPal a Scam? No!

    Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of BitPal, let’s take a quick glance at some of the aspects we reviewed to arrive at the conclusion that it’s legitimate.

    When determining the legitimacy and safety of a trading platform, we analyze key factors such as customer support, regulation, transparency, safety, and reputation. We are happy to report that BitPal scores extremely well, especially on transparency as it utilizes blockchain technology.

    This computer program is among the few automated trading platforms running on the blockchain. As you may know, blockchain is a transparent data structure that securely holds transactional records while ensuring decentralization.

    We’ve ascertained from the official BitPal online page that all the crucial information is available to the public.  This includes the identities of its 15 partner brokers as well as BitPal’s fee criteria. Also, the robot has gone a step further to reveal its offices and phone lines. Illegitimate auto-trading platforms do not disclose such crucial information.

    In regards to reputation, this auto-trading platform is generally positively reviewed. For example, on Trustpilot the bot has an outstanding 4.7 star rating after thousands of 5 star reviews. Users seem to agree on one thing– the BitPal App offers an easy and lucrative way to trade bitcoin.

    This trading bot further secures its website using modern encryption. Additionally, it has put in place an all-inclusive data privacy policy that complies with global data privacy laws.

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    All trading carries risk

    So, What Exactly is BitPal?

    BitPal is an easy to use trading platform created by BitPal International Group. The celebrated global multinational supposedly developed BitPal to help the ordinary person to easily trade bitcoin volatility profitably and stress-free.

    BitPal International Group released the very first adaptation of the BitPal App in May 2019. Users fell in love with the trading bot right away with over 50,000 traders registering within the first 3 months.

    In 2021, the reputation of the BitPal App has tremendously skyrocketed. This ground-breaking trading platform already boasts 300k+ active traders. Based on the thousands of reviews on Trustpilot, at least 70% of these traders are making extremely superior returns.

    A great percentage of users have made over a million dollars through the BitPal App. The robot makes use of up to date HFT systems such as scalping, advanced short selling, and arbitrage trading. We will take a deeper dive into these systems later in this BitPal trading App review.

    All trades on the BitPal App are automated. Users, therefore, don’t need to have any trading skills to operate the bot. You simply need to watch a quick introductory video of about fifteen minutes to learn how to set up live trading.  The best part is all the instructions are provided in layman’s language, making it easy to follow.

    This trading platform is purported to have made lots of traders rich. However, a good number of the traders have also lost money. That said, take BitPal as a high-risk investment option. Be advised to only place bets you can afford to lose.

    •         Created by a reputable global conglomerate
    •         Analyzes market trends and trades through an AI-driven algorithm
    •         Boasts of 300k+ active users
    •         Utilizes modern HFT trading techniques


    How does the BitPal App Work?

    As mentioned earlier, BitPal is a revolutionary AI-driven algorithm first released back in May 2019. It is designed to help ordinary people to easily trade the volatility of bitcoin profitably. The algorithm utilizes modern techniques applied by institutional traders to profitably place bets on bitcoin CFDs.

    Thanks to BitPal, it is now extremely easy to take advantage of the opportunities resulting from the developing bitcoin boom. The bot follows a set of sophisticated HFT trading techniques such as arbitrage trading and scalping to place bets on your behalf.

    According to Investopedia, arbitrage trading entails the purchasing of assets in low-priced markets before selling them in high-priced markets. This HFT trading technique can generate extremely superior returns when implemented by the fast-paced trading algorithm.

    Scalping, on the other hand, involves making profits off small price changes and reselling to make quick profits.

    This trading system also makes use of highly developed short-selling methods to make users wealthy when the price of bitcoin is falling. This technique can also be highly lucrative when executed by an accurate trading system.

    One of the world’s most successful traders, George Soros, is reported to have made a profit of up to $1 billion in just one day through short-selling.

    The majority of the expert reviews we’ve come across online conclude that this algorithm is the best-automated system for trading bitcoin. However, being the best doesn’t guarantee profits. Success is for the most part dependent on luck.

    •         Top-rated by thousands as a highly-accurate trading algorithm
    •         Perfect for both beginner and seasoned traders
    •         Utilizes the arbitrage technique to maintain performance, especially during low volatility

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    All trading carries risk

    BitPal Partner Brokers

    When new users register through the BitPal website, they are assigned to one of BitPal’s fifteen partner brokers.

    But, what role does a broker play in auto-trading? Well, brokers act as links to liquidity providers in automated trading platforms. It is not possible to execute the ‘buy and sell’ trades without liquidity providers.

    AI-powered systems such as BitPal produce trades and mechanically send them to partner brokers for execution. BitPal closely works with leading brokers in the industry to guarantee immediate execution of orders. Leading brokers, on the other hand, link to quality liquidity pools to guarantee immediate execution of orders.

    If order execution is delayed, there could be negative slippage. This mostly occurs when there is a delay in asset price and execution is done at an unfavourable price.  

    There is also positive slippage where delays in asset price lead to execution at a more favourable price. Nonetheless, the result of a delayed order is not easy to predict. Therefore, the best way to steer clear of negative slippage is to avoid slippage altogether.

    This automated trading system also depends on its partner brokers to accept deposits from clients and process transactions. BitPal partner brokers also offer leverage to traders with little capital to help them place larger orders.

    We’ve done background checks on each partner broker working with BitPal and found them to be of good reputation. Furthermore, the fact that they are well regulated makes them safe. Regulated brokers guarantee the safety of client deposits even in the event of bankruptcy.

    •         BitPal works with regulated and highly regarded brokers only
    •         Clients with little capital can trade at unbelievable leverage of up to 5000:1
    •         Partner brokers provide powerful systems to guarantee instant execution of orders
    •         Partner brokers smooth the progress of all transactions on the robot’s behalf

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • 92% Claimed Win Rate*
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.

    BitPal Review Verdict!

    We are positive that BitPal is a legitimate AI-driven algorithm. It is perhaps one of the best-automated trading systems for anyone looking to make extremely superior returns trading bitcoin.

    Since no trading background is necessary to use BitPal, both beginner and experienced traders stand a chance to make huge returns. The automated system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to trade bitcoin. As mentioned before, BitPal closely works with highly reputable brokers to access top liquidity pools.

    Based on the thousands of 5-star user reviews on TrustPilot, BitPal is a great tool and a top performer. This computer program could make you millions of dollars, but like all trading, it carries its fair share of risks.

    Profitability is highly dependent on luck, risk settings, and volatility of the market. That said, we highly recommend treating this bot as a high-risk automated trading system.

    Although BitPal is worth a try, we recommend trading with an amount you can afford to lose­– preferably less than 10% of your savings.

    You could make extremely superior returns with BitPal within months investing as little as USD250.

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    All trading carries risk

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