Bitcoin Fortress Review 2022 – Is it a Profitable Auto-trading System?

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Bitcoin Fortress is a powerful bitcoin trading tool launched in 2016 by Fortress Investment Group. This platform is reportedly making ordinary people rich through bitcoin trading. Users report earning a decent daily income by investing as little as $250. 

Surprisingly, this trading bot is said to have made some of its users’ millionaires. You could reportedly grow a small investment of $250 to a fortune by ploughing back the daily profits. But is Bitcoin Fortress worth your money?

Our team of expert robot reviewers has taken a deep dive on this platform and prepared a kickass review for you. We endeavour to offer comprehensive and unbiased reviews to help you invest smoothly.

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All trading carries risk.

Please read our Bitcoin Fortress review to the end before signing up. Feel free to contact us below for questions and clarifications about this platform.


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    What is Bitcoin Fortress?

    Automation is taking over most professional functions in most industries. It’s already a major disrupter in the financial sector, with AI-driven trading systems taking over trading and investment functions.

    Bitcoin Fortress is an online auto-trading system. This system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect and trade opportunities in the bitcoin market.

    In other words, it places bets on bitcoin based on the prediction of how the price will react to certain information. This information is both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative data traded by this system include breaking news.


    News trading is extremely lucrative in crypto. This is because crypto prices are highly sensitive to news. Bitcoin Fortress can identify tradable news and act upon them 0.001 seconds before the markets can factor them in.

    The high speed coupled with the accuracy at which the bot analyzes data justifies its supposed profitability. Bitcoin Fortress applies big data analysis techniques to glean insights from the markets. The data it analyses within a second can take days to manually analyze.

    Bitcoin Fortress connects to the global liquidity pools through top brokers. We have conducted thorough background checks on these brokers and ascertained that they regulated and have a global reputation.

    Any transaction on Bitcoin Fortress happens through these brokers. We will discuss their roles in detail later in this review.

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    All trading carries risk

    Is Bitcoin Fortress a scam?

    Bitcoin Fortress meets all the qualifications of a legit and safe auto-trading system. Our trading robots review team has analyzed it thoroughly and concluded that it’s worth a try. Below are the key points to prove that Bitcoin Fortress is legit.

    • Bitcoin Fortress has a nearly perfect rating of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot after over 1500 reviews. The reviewers claim to use it to ride the crypto boom of 2022 profitably. Some have supposedly earned their first $1 million through this trading system.
    • Bitcoin Fortress is built on the blockchain. This means that users can track their trading accounts in real-time. The blockchain subset of Smart Contracts (SC) allows a seamless dispute resolution process. Bitcoin Fortress is the pioneer in the provision of a blockchain-driven trading ecosystem.
    • This trading system implements powerful data safety measures. Its website and databases are encrypted through 128-Bit RSA encryption. This makes it foolproof from data theft. Bitcoin Fortress boasts of full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    • Bitcoin Fortress is a partner of top brokers in the UK and Australia. These brokers ensure a safe trading environment by adhering to regulatory standards such as Deposit Segregation. As mentioned earlier, all deposits via Bitcoin Fortress are processed by these brokers.

    Thousands review Bitcoin Fortress as insanely profitable. Experts also rate it among the most profitable trading systems in 2021. However, the alleged profitability isn’t guaranteed. There is still a possibility of making losses.

    Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Fortress

    There are many ways of investing in bitcoin, but none is as promising as trading through the Bitcoin Fortress system. Below are some of the benefits of investing in bitcoin through this auto-trading system.

    1. High profitability – the majority of users review Bitcoin Fortress as extremely profitable. Most expert reviewers support these claims with several terming this auto-trading system as magical. It’s reportedly possible to turn a small deposit of $250 into a fortune by putting back most of the daily profits.
    2. Easy to operate – you will find Bitcoin Fortress extremely easy to use, especially after watching the trading guide. Take your time to test different levels of risk on the provided demo account. The Bitcoin Fortress demo provides a perfect simulation of the live trading platform.
    3. Zero license fees – You won’t be charged a dime to use Bitcoin Fortress. This is amazing given that most trading systems in the same category charge registration fees. Bitcoin Fortress will only deduct a 2% commission on any profitable trade. This is the best deal you can get in any auto-trading system.
    4. No hidden fees – Most auto-trading systems out there charge hidden fees. Bitcoin Fortress runs on the blockchain and therefore ensures a transparent fee criterion. The trading fees are charged by the underlying broker but reflect on the Bitcoin Fortress ledger. This trading system partner brokers are ECN and hence offer competitive spreads.
    5. Regulated partner brokers – With the regulated brokers, Bitcoin Fortress are assured of the safety of their deposits.
    6. Safe trading environment – The Bitcoin Fortress website is powered by a foolproof 128-bit key encryption measure. This protects users from data theft. Bitcoin Fortress has reportedly earned the coveted GDPR badge.

    Tips to trading with Bitcoin Fortress

    Bitcoin Fortress automates all trading, but still, there are several things you can do to get the best out of it.

    Follow the tips explained below to get the best out of this trading bot. Please note that these tips have been tested by experts and proven to work.

    • Start small and put back most of the daily profits for growth. We insist that you start small to avoid the anxiety that comes with taking a lot of money. You need the peace of mind to observe the markets and determine the trends with increased profitability.
    • Trade when crypto volatility is high. We find the 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT time zone to be the most volatile. The high volatility is a result of the heavy derivatives trading on Wall Street. You should set Bitcoin Fortress for live trading at 8:00 AM and close the trading session at 4:00 PM EDT. You can do other things as the bot works for you.
    • Get a trading buddy if possible. This is the person to compare performance with and determine what works best. A trading buddy will help you maintain the discipline required to succeed with Bitcoin Fortress. You need to let the robot trade without interruption for up to 8 hours daily to get the best returns.
    • End the trading session at the close of trading on Wall Street. The NYSE bourse usually closes at 4:00 PM EDT. Trading beyond this time could lead to rollover costs.

    Please note that the Bitcoin Fortress trading manual explains all these tips in layman’s terms. You don’t need to master any technical trading language to hit the home run with Bitcoin Fortress.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • Claims to have 90%+ trading accuracy
    • Start with as little as $/£250
    • Accepts all credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.

    Is Bitcoin Fortress legit?  The Verdict!

    We are satisfied by the measures put in place by this trading system to operate transparently and safely.

    Bitcoin Fortress is among the very few auto-trading systems that operate on the blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that enables seamless and transparent peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin Fortress also works with safe and regulated brokers.

    These brokers ensure the safety of clients’ funds by observing stringent regulatory measures. Bitcoin Fortress partner brokers reportedly segregate clients’ funds via the National Bank of Australia (NBA) and HSBC.

    Click the button below to sign up with Bitcoin Fortress. The entire process from registration to trading is self-explanatory.


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    All trading carries risk


    Is Bitcoin Fortress safe?

    Bitcoin Fortress is secured through top-level encryption standards. This makes it impenetrable by most forms of cyberattacks. Bitcoin Fortress claims to have a cyber response team in place to address potential loopholes.

    How do I make more money with Bitcoin Fortress?

    The secret to growing a small investment to a fortune is reportedly reinvesting all or most of the daily profits. You could earn huge sums by ploughing back most of the daily profits.

    How much does Bitcoin Fortress cost?

    You don't need to pay any registration fees to use Bitcoin Fortress. A registration fee is likely to be introduced soon. Take advantage of the free license by signing up now.

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