Bitcoin Equaliser Review 2021: Is it Safe and Profitable? Our Full Breakdown.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser legit or scam? In this guide, you will read on how to create an account, its key features, advantages of using the Bitcoin Equaliser, how to start make money, and the Bitcoin Equaliser software.
Author: felix

Last Updated: January 14, 2021

Bitcoin Equaliser is reportedly making users wealthy through BTC trading. But what is it and is it legit or scam?

We have investigated Bitcoin Equalizer and found substantial evidence to show that it’s legit. This robot is surprisingly popular today. It is said to generate insane profits in the rising BTC volatility.

Bitcoin Equaliser is easy to use for all, including complete beginners. The majority of its reviewers allege not having any crypto background before trading with it. Bitcoin Equalizer is reviewed positively by most online passive income blogs.

In this review, we will look at the key features that make this trading system worthwhile. You must read this review to the end if this is the first time you have heard about this robot.

bitcoin equaliser review

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam?

Our tests show that Bitcoin Equaliser is legit and perhaps extremely profitable. Legit trading systems operate in transparency and have adequate client protection measures in place.  Moreover, they have a proven track record as is evident through consumer and expert reviews.

Bitcoin Equalizer offers a blockchain-powered trading ecosystem. Blockchain is the technology behind frictionless peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin Equalizer uses this technology to help clients track all aspects of their trading accounts.

This review also confirms that Bitcoin Equaliser has adequate measures in place to protect clients’ data. Their website has military-grade encryption, and hence clients data is safe. Moreover, Bitcoin Equalizer observes stringent data privacy laws such as the EU GDPR.

Clients’ funds are also safe, given that this robot operates in partnership with regulated brokers. These brokers facilitate all transactions initiated through Bitcoin Equaliser. Regulated brokers must segregate deposits to avoid using them as their working capital.

Bitcoin Equaliser Reviews

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Equaliser is an extremely popular trading system. This robot’s popularity seems to have gone through the roof in the ongoing crypto craze. Bitcoin Equalizer ranks number 2 on Google Trends in the most searched bitcoin-related terms.

bitcoin equalizer google trends

Moreover, this trading robot has been reviewed over 50,000 times on TrustPilot alone. There are only a few other robots with as many reviews. There are also numerous Bitcoin Equaliser Reddit threads. Reddit is a unique review platform since it allows reviewers to discuss a subject.

Most of the individual consumer reviews are positive. Bitcoin Equaliser is hailed highly on performance, transparency, ease of use, safety, and customer care. As is expected, there are a few negative reviews. These indicate that this trading robot is highly risky.

Bitcoin Equalizer is also a top target for celebrity gossip news. We have stumbled upon unconfirmed rumours as explained below.

Did Gordon Ramsay invest in Bitcoin Equaliser?gordan ramsey bitcoin equalizer

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British celebrity chef and TV host. He is said to have invested in several BTC projects including Bitcoin Equaliser.

However, Bitcoin Equaliser has come forward to dispute these claims and warn its users against fake news. Gordon Ramsay could be interested in BTC, but he hasn’t invested or endorsed Bitcoin Equalizer.

Did Holly Willoughby invest in Bitcoin Equalizer?

Holly Willoughby co-hosts the This Morning show alongside Phillip Schofield. For the record, This Morning is a showbiz TV program aired on ITV.

Bitcoin Equaliser was reportedly discussed in this show last year, and Holly Willoughby claimed to invest in it. However, this isn’t true. Bitcoin Equaliser has warned its users against such rumours.

We have conducted background checks on links in these fake posts, and they seem to lead to cloned websites. Ensure that you sign up on the official Bitcoin Equaliser website by clicking here.

Key Features of Bitcoin Equaliser

Bitcoin Equaliser is a state of the art trading system. Here are some of its most interesting features.

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Bitcoin Equaliser trading algorithms depend on AI. This technology brings about high accuracy in trading. The AI subset of Machine Learning (ML) enables Bitcoin Equaliser to adjust to changing market conditions.
  • Extremely easy to use platform – You should be able to hit the home run with this bot even if you’ve never traded before. Just follow the provided trading instructions, and you will be good to go.
  • Safe trading environment – Bitcoin Equaliser is among the few auto-trading systems based on a blockchain environment. Blockchain enables transparent peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin Equaliser depends on military-grade encryption to prevent a data breach.
  • Bitcoin Equaliser works with regulated brokers, and hence users have an assurance of deposits safety.

bitcoin equalizer features

Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin Equaliser

The advantages of using Bitcoin Equaliser are more than the disadvantages. This trading bot was reportedly founded to help ordinary people earn huge profits in BTC trading. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using this robot.


  • Easy to use trading platforms
  • High supposed profitability
  • Safe trading platforms
  • Works with regulated brokers
  • Does not charge any license fees
  • Provides a demo account
  • Allows seamless withdrawals


  • Trading with it involves significant risks.
  • It’s only available in select countries.

How to navigate the live trading platform

Bitcoin Equaliser trading dashboard includes several features that you can adjust manually. You need to understand these features before going live.

Your dedicated account manager should walk you through each of these features. There is also a practise account to help you test different settings. The most important features include.

  1.  Stop-Loss – The stop loss feature allows you to define the level of loss you are willing to take per trade. Bitcoin Equalizer closes the trade when this level is achieved.
  2.  Take Profit – The Take Profit feature allows you to define the profitability level at which a trade should close. This prevents you from being greedy and holding a profitable position for too long.
  3.  Negative Balance Protection – The negative balance protection tool protects your account from trading into the negative.

How to trade with Bitcoin Equaliser

Trading with Bitcoin Equaliser is extremely easy given that all the technical functions are automated.

Below is a guide to help you kickstart your trading journey with Bitcoin Equalizer.

bitcoin equalizer steps to sign up

Sign up a free account

Visit Bitcoin Equaliser website and create an account. You need to provide your ID name, email, and phone number.

Bitcoin Equaliser will connect you with one of its brokers. You will be required to verify ID to fully authenticate your account. The verification process is easy and fast.

Deposit trading capital

You need to deposit not less than $250 to use Bitcoin Equaliser. Deposit happens through the broker since they are the one to take positions on the market.

Bitcoin Equaliser sends signals to these brokers for implementation. The broker uses your capital to execute the orders from the robot.

Start a live trading session

Live trading is quite easy, especially for those who take time to watch the Bitcoin Equaliser trading tutorial.

There is a free demo available for all users to practise before embarking on live trading. Once you are fully prepared, you can go ahead and start a live session.

How to maximize success with Bitcoin Equalizer

You should find Bitcoin Equaliser to be easy to use if you take the time to understand its key functionalities. Below are some tips to get you the best out of this trading system.

Trade during high volatility

Bitcoin Equaliser performs the best when the BTC price swings are high. We find the 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET session to be the most volatile.

This is because this is when heavy BTC derivatives trading takes place on Wall Street. You shouldn’t worry about the crashing time zones since Bitcoin Equaliser does all the trading automatically. You only need to switch it on.

Start small and reinvest profits

Starting small eliminates fear hence allowing proper decision making. It also gives you room for recovery in the event of a loss.

Some Bitcoin Equaliser users claim to earn fortunes from a $250 account by reinvesting at least 60% of the daily profits.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser worthwhile? The Verdict!

We have done all the necessary tests on Bitcoin Equalizor and concluded that it’s worthwhile. There seems to be a lot of people who are making good money through this robot.

You can try your luck by signing up but do not forget that all forms of crypto trading carry risk. Consequently, there is a possibility that the trading outcome could be negative.

We find it wise to start small. You can always earn more by ploughing back a significant portion of the daily profits.


Is Bitcoin Equaliser a con?

No! We have investigated Bitcoin Equalizor thoroughly and didn't find any suspicious thing about it.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser safe?

Bitcoin Equaliser seems to have invested inadequate security measures, including military-grade encryption.

Can I generate profits with Bitcoin Equaliser?

Most Bitcoin Equalizer users allege earning up to 70% in daily return on investment. This robot is also widely reviewed by experts, and they allege that it's profitable.

Does Bitcoin Equaliser offer a trading app?

No! The Bitcoin Equalizer trading system is only available on the web. However, Bitcoin Equalizer web-trader works extremely well on mobile browsers.

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