Bitcoin Buyer Trading System Review – Is it a scam?

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Bitcoin Buyer is a platform that trades bitcoin on behalf of users. This trading system is equipped with advanced AI algorithms to trade up to 150 bitcoin CFDs.

Bitcoin Buyer automates trading 100% and is therefore easy to use for complete beginners. From the thousands of reviews out there, it is possible to earn decent profits by investing just $250 through this bot.

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All trading carries risk.

Some users have reportedly earned their first million dollars through this trading system. But is Bitcoin Buyer legit, or is it a scam?

We went out in pursuit of answers and discovered that this bot is indeed legit. Read this comprehensive and unbiased Bitcoin Buyer review to learn more.

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    What is Bitcoin Buyer?

    Bitcoin Buyer is a crypto trading bot founded in 2019. A crypto trading bot is a computer program equipped with algorithms capable of analyzing the markets and generating tradable signals.

    According to Investopedia, a tradable signal is a trigger for action to sell or buy a given asset. The trading signals generated by the Bitcoin Buyer trading system are said to have an accuracy rate of up to 90%.

    This rate of return is arguably the best that you can get in the automated trading industry. However, you shouldn’t take it as a guarantee for making money. Bitcoin Buyer trades on high leverage, and hence a single miscalculated trade can lead to a devastating outcome.

    While most people allege making money through Bitcoin Buyer, there are a few reviews indicating losses. It seems that nine out of every ten people that try this trading bot make money. Bitcoin Buyer is therefore worth the risk.

    However, it would be stupid to deposit all your money in a highly risky project. Start small and plough back most of the daily profits for growth. You can withdraw the initial capital after about a week of trading and continue trading with the proceeds.

    Bitcoin Buyer should be easy to run if you take time to watch the trading video and test it on the demo.

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    All trading carries risk

    How does Bitcoin Buyer work?

    Auto-trading involves an intelligent computer algorithm performing trading functions on behalf of users. Automation is on another level today thanks to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Investopedia defines AI as the simulation of human intelligence in machines. This means that the machine can perform complex activities like or even better than humans. AI is taking over most investment and trading functions in the developed countries.

    Today, computer programs control over a trillion of investors’ money across the globe. Moreover, billions of dollars are run through trading robots each day. The computer programs dedicated to long term investments are known as robo-advisors.

    Trading robots such as Bitcoin Buyer are for short term investment through day trading. There are hundreds of trading robots out there, but only a few are good. Bitcoin Buyer is the most popular trading bot in the crypto sphere.

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    All trading carries risk

    Bitcoin Buyer and partner brokers

    You will be assigned to a local broker after registering with Bitcoin Buyer. Like most other trading bots, Bitcoin Buyer operates through brokers. This is because it doesn’t link directly to liquidity providers.

     A liquidity provider is an institution that matches both the “buy and sell” positions. We won’t discuss the details since you don’t need to know anything technical to use this trading robot. Remember that Bitcoin Buyer automates all trading.

    Bitcoin Buyer also relies on these brokers to collect deposits from the public. Trading bots must work through regulated brokers to be allowed to accept deposits in most jurisdictions. Bitcoin Buyer partner brokers are top quality, each with the regulation in the UK, Australia, and South Africa.

    With the level of broker regulation observed by this bot, users are 100% assured of the safety of their funds. Bitcoin Buyer partner brokers also provide leverage to help users take huge positions with little capital. The leverage is up to 5000:1. This is the best you can find in the crypto industry.

    Bitcoin Buyer news trading feature

    Experts hail this trading bot as the most advanced in news trading. Crypto assets volatility is highly affected by the news.

    Bitcoin Buyer can predict news-driven volatility and take market positions at a 90% win rate. The bot is equipped with super powerful algorithms capable of analyzing and deriving insights from extremely large data sets. Bitcoin Buyer claims to take market positions 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets.

    This trading speed makes it the best for trading crypto news. The crypto markets are highly sensitive to the news, with changes happening in microseconds. This means that only high-speed trading systems can make it in this arena.

    Bitcoin Buyer is arguably the best tool for speculating on the volatility emanating from Elon Musk Bitcoin news. Musk is a big fan of crypto and the biggest driver of volatility in 2022. Any crypto news touching on Elon Musk has a huge impact on crypto volatility.

    Bitcoin Buyer Sentiment-Driven Trading Tool

    Bitcoin Buyer also ranks top on sentiment-driven trading. Investopedia defines market sentiment as the attitude of investors towards particular security.

    Market sentiments tend to influence volatility. Positive investor sentiments increase demand and hence price, while negative sentiments cause the price to fall.

    Bitcoin Buyer algorithms are equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven algorithms to detect and act upon market sentiments. Celebrity sentiments, including Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets, have a lot of impact on bitcoin prices.

    Other celebrities whose sentiments affect Bitcoin volatility include Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dog. Bitcoin Buyer analyzes the social media posts of thousands of celebrities to detect tradable insights.

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    All trading carries risk

    Bitcoin Buyer Charts Trading Tool

    This trading bot also generates trading signals from historical trading charts. Chart analysis involves identifying price patterns and determining at which point they are likely to repeat.

    This trading approach is popular in both manual and automated trading. In manual trading, trading platforms such as the MT4 offer a myriad of chart analysis tools. You need to be a skilled trader to analyze charts through these tools.

    Moreover, these tools aren’t as accurate as those applied by Bitcoin Buyer. Bitcoin Buyer applies AI to study trading the trading charts. Moreover, the bot is so powerful that it can analyze up to 5000 trading charts in less than a minute.

    Speed and accuracy are the two most important factors in trading. You can only analyze around three trading charts per minute through the MT4 tools.

    Benefits of trading with Bitcoin Buyer

    There are many benefits of trading crypto through the Bitcoin Buyer trading system. These advantages are explained below.

    • Bitcoin Buyer is said to offer the easiest way to make money off crypto. You don’t need to know anything about bitcoin buying, trading, or mining to make money off this trading robot. Users are good to go once they read the account setup guide.
    • You don’t have to spend countless hours analyzing complex market data to trade with Bitcoin Buyer. This is because it automates the entire trading process. You only need to set your trading account as per the guide and click the live trading button.
    • Bitcoin Buyer works with top brokers in the EU, Australia, and South Africa to guarantee all users of a safe trading environment. With this bot, you have an assurance that your money will only be used for trading.
    • Bitcoin Buyer website is secured through the 128-bit encryption protocol. This ensures that hackers cannot access any data submitted through the platform. Bitcoin Buyer claims to be 100% compliant with the GDPR. The GDPR is arguably the world’s best data privacy law.

    Bitcoin Buyer could make you rich, but trading with it also involves risk. Treat this trading platform as high risk and only trade with what you can afford to lose.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • 92% Claimed Win Rate*
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts all credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk.

    Getting started with Bitcoin Buyer – The Verdict!

    Bitcoin Buyer is legit and could be insanely profitable given the many positive clients’ reviews. It comes at a risk, but it’s worth the try, given the potential returns.

    You can start trading with Bitcoin Buyer through the steps below.

    1. Visit Bitcoin Buyer official website here and sign up through the form on the top right corner.
    2. Upload the required verification documents through the matched broker and fund your Bitcoin Buyer account with at least $250. The deposit will happen through the broker.
    3. Watch the trading guide video and test Bitcoin Buyer through the demo.  At least 30 minutes of preparation are enough.
    4. Set the Bitcoin Buyer risk parameters as per the guide and open a live session by clicking the trade now button.

    Bitcoin Buyer comes with a lot of advantages, but it isn’t risk-free. However, the potential returns justify the risk. Never invest more than 10% of your savings in a high-risk investment.

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    All trading carries risk


    Is Bitcoin Buyer a scam?

    No! We have tested Bitcoin Buyer, and it seems legit and highly transparent. This trading system observes the industry's best operating standards.

    How much does Bitcoin Buyer cost?

    Bitcoin Buyer is free for now. However, they may introduce a fee in the future once the beta testing phase comes to an end.

    How do I withdraw my profits?

    Bitcoin Buyer, through its partner brokers, offers a straightforward and safe withdrawal process. Fill the request on the funds' management dashboard and wait for up to five hours for the money to be transferred into your bank account.

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