Bitcoin Evolution Review: Legit or Scam? Live Results

Last Updated: 07. October 2019
Bitcoin Evolution Review: Legit or Scam? Live Results
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Bitcoin Evolution is a fully automatic trading bot that makes money by speculating on crypto volatility. The bot reports an average profit of up to $1500 per day from a deposit of $250 or more. But is Bitcoin Evolution legit and is it worth your hard-earned money?

With the spike in searches such as “Bitcoin Evolution scam” and “Bitcoin Evolution legit”, we figured that there is confusion about the software and decided to test this software for ourselves.

Read our Bitcoin Evolution review below to find out what makes this software so profitable, as well as our top tips to make thousands of dollars per month trading with it.

                Bitcoin Evolution: Review

Bitcoin Evolution is among the oldest crypto trading robots today. Furthermore, this bot runs on autopilot and can, therefore, be used by anyone irrespective of their background. Bitcoin Evolution comes highly recommended for anyone looking to make money online with little input.

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What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto bot founded by a team of software developers and guru crypto traders. The bot is fully auto and therefore accessible to anyone looking to make extra money online.

Learnbonds tests on Bitcoin Evolution shows that it is a legitimate test. Bitcoin Evolution applies AI-Powered algorithms to study the crypto markets and make price movements predictions.

The robot has a reported win rate of 90%, which means that it makes money in every nine out of ten trades it place. This level of profitability is enough to grow a $250 account to over half a million bucks in a year. That is if you plow back all the profits you make through the robot.

Even with the high accuracy, Bitcoin Evolution is not without risk. Consequently, there is a possibility of losing your capital when trading with this bot. Learnbonds recommend that you always trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam or not?

Bitcoin Evolution is a trustworthy and highly profitable robot. Learnbonds tests confirm that it is possible to make a considerable profit trading with this robot. We were skeptical about the high profitability at first, but we are no longer doubtful after the live test.

You may be wondering what makes Bitcoin Evolution highly profitable. Our investigation confirms that it relies on Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies. These technologies have the power to derive insights from big data within a microsecond and place corresponding trades.

Even better, the robot can read Twitter feeds from authorities and implement them in the user’s trading account. This is extremely important, especially now that Trump tweets are wreaking havoc in the markets. Read our review of Bitcoin Rush for another top-ranking robot that can trade news.

Key features of Bitcoin Evolution

What makes this robot unique, and why should you care? We have conducted an in-depth review of Bitcoin Evolution and found the following to be its key features.

High profitability

Bitcoin Evolution tops the list of the most lucrative crypto robots in our reviews. The robot is said to make a daily profit of up to $1k per day from a deposit of $500 or less. Our live test shows that this robot has the potential to generate $200 per day from a deposit of $250.

Furthermore, our compounding calculator tells us that it is possible to grow a $250 account to $500 in one year with Bitcoin Evolution. However, you must reinvest back profits and ensure that the robot is active for 12 hours a day, five days a week. You do not have to worry about time since Bitcoin Evolution is fully automatic.

Fast withdrawals

Learnbonds investigation finds no complaints about Bitcoin Evolution profit withdrawal process. We can confirm that there are no withdrawal limits or costs. However, you will be required to pay a small commission on the profits you generate through the robot.

Once you fill the withdrawal request form, it takes around 24 hours for your money to reflect in your bank account.  Read our Bitcoin Circuit review for another top-ranking crypto robot.

Excellent customer service

Bitcoin Evolution provides email, live chat, and phone calls as the main channels of communication. It takes less than a minute to get connected to their agents through a live chat or a phone call. We do not recommend email since it can take up to 48 hours to get a reply.

Furthermore, we find the Bitcoin Evolution customer service to be friendly and yet professional. Additionally, they are highly knowledgeable and work in close collaboration with their partner brokers.


Bitcoin Evolution is safe to use. Learnbonds can guarantee that your data is safe with this robot. Their site is encrypted, and they have a data protection policy in place. Moreover, they are GDPR compliant and therefore, do not share data without the permission of owners.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Evolution

It takes less than 10 minutes to create an account and start trading with Bitcoin Evolution. As indicated severally in this review, you do not need any technical skill to use this bot. Once you set up the web-trader, you are good to go. Click the live trading button, and the robot will do the rest for you. Here is a step by step guide to getting started with this robot.

STEP ONE: Registration

Fill your name, email, and phone number in a form provided on the Bitcoin Evolution homepage. You will be asked to do SMS code verification for your phone number, and a link for email.

This review confirms that Bitcoin Evolution holds users information in strict confidentiality. You have an option to choose whether to receive unsolicited offers from this robot.

STEP TWO: Connect to a broker

After the registration, you will connect with a broker in your jurisdiction of operation. Learnbonds investigation can confirm that all the partner brokers listed as Bitcoin Evolution partners are well regulated.

For the record, the underlying broker facilitates all transactions made through Bitcoin Evolution. An adequately regulated broker guarantees traders of the safety of their money. Regulators require brokers to segregate deposits and submit periodic reports on their usage.

STEP THREE: Deposit a minimum of $250

You need a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with Bitcoin Evolution. As mentioned earlier, a deposit of $250 can generate up to $200 in profits per day. The more you deposit, the higher your earning potential.

With Bitcoin Evolution, you can make deposits through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, and Bitcoin. It takes less than a minute for deposited funds to reflect on the trader’s account.

STEP FOUR: Demo and live trading

The Bitcoin Evolution demo account presents all the features found in the live web-trader. We recommend that you go through the demo account to familiarize with the features found in the live platform.

Please note that this platform is for illustrative purposes only. Consequently, the results you receive do not reflect what you will get in live trading. Once you go through the demo, the live trading platform should not be a problem.

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Do Celebrities endorse Bitcoin Evolution

There are rumors that celebrities have endorsed Bitcoin Evolution. Our investigation shows that these are lies by unscrupulous affiliates. Bitcoin Evolution has distanced itself from these claims.

It is not unheard of for affiliates in the robo-trading sector to compete through lies. Their actions do not reflect the legitimacy of the underlying broker.

One of the celebrities falsely associated with Bitcoin Evolution is Peter Jones. Our investigation shows that he has no link with this robot. However, he has expressed interest in algorithmic technologies, and it is not clear whether he is interested in trading robots.

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Another celebrity associated Bitcoin evolution is Elon Musk. While it is true that he is a lover of AI, we did not find any information connecting him with Bitcoin Evolution.

Our investigation also reveals that Gordon Ramsay has never endorsed Bitcoin Evolution. We suggest that you avoid any reviews making such claims. Learnbonds tests show that Bitcoin Evolution is legit.

Bitcoin Evolution Review: The Verdict!

Bitcoin Evolution is a legit robot! We have confirmed that it is possible to make big profits through this robot. Our investigation also reveals that it is safe and easy to use. You do not need any trading experience to use this robot.

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Can I make money through Bitcoin Evolution?

Yes. Bitcoin Evolution is a high reward, high risk robot. You can allegedly make a daily profit of up to $1k through this robot.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Evolution?

Learnbonds recommends that you start with the minimum deposit of only $250 or the demo account.

Can I withdraw my profits from Bitcoin Evolution?

Yes! All withdrawals are facilitated within 24 hours. We can confirm that this robot does not charge any withdrawal fees.

Is Bitcoin Evolution safe?

Yes! Our investigation shows that Bitcoin Evolution platforms are secure. Moreover, we can confirm that they handle all users’ data with strict confidentiality.


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