Bitcoin Code Review : Legit or Scam? Live Results

Last Updated: 22. October 2019
Bitcoin Code Review : Legit or Scam? Live Results
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Bitcoin Code is considered by many one of the most well-known auto-trading robots in the crypto industry. This tool claims to make a profit of up to 100% per day speculating on crypto. But is Bitcoin Code legit or is it a scam? And can you make a living trading with it?

Read this Bitcoin Code review to learn more about this bot and how you can take advantage of its features.

Bitcoin Code: Review


Bitcoin Code have been said to be one of the oldest automated trading software that was created by Steve Mckay in 2016. It’s also has been said that Bitcoin Code is one of the most effective Bitcoin Robots to be ever made, bringing success rates for each trade performed up to 93%. Some users have reported that Bitcoin Code is able to “crack” the patterns on Bitcoin, thus performing extraordinarily

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What is Bitcoin Code?

As we said in the previous paragraphs, Bitcoin Code is considered by many as a popular and reliable bitcoin robot that has appeared online to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Code was developed by Steve Mckay and the main feature of this software is that it claims to have generated a lot of profits for its users in short periods of time.

The first thing you should know about trading with Bitcoin Code is that it claims to use a very complex algorithm that is dedicated not only to find the best options for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but also locates the best purchase options.

The Bitcoin Code software works by itself, doing the work for you without having to manually operate it. All you have to do is create an account, choose a broker, and configure the settings so that they meet your targets. After that, your only job will be to turn the robot on, and watch it run throughout the day.

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam or is it Reliable?

This is the million dollar question, and probably what brought you to this article in the first place. No one wants to invest their money in deceptive offers that wind up being a big scam, specially nowadays with Bitcoin when it seems that fraudulent activity is gradually increasing.

During our review we have found many users who claim that Bitcoin Code is not a scam – according to many websites it can be reliable if the right trading settings are used.

Our first impressions after reviewing Bitcoin Code:

I think it’s safe to say that we were all expecting Bitcoin Code to be a scam. In fact, the only thought that crossed our minds was that this piece of software was going to rip us off of our money.

We did everything as recommended. Created an account and a broker was assigned, and shortly after we went to the deposit page. The minimum investment with the broker is of $250 USD.

The trading platform is extremely easy to use, and intuitive. By the end of the day we decided to withdraw that initial amount. You should be aware that there is a small fee if you decide to withdraw funds through a direct wire transfer, but other than that, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin Code appears to be a legit trading robot.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Code, step by step

Opening and account with Bitcoin Code is really easy and we explain it to you in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Registration

Creating an account with Bitcoin Code is quite simple. Just fill out a form with basic user information such as full name, email address and phone number. After filling out the form you just have to complete the verification process and you’re done, you’re already registered.

Step 2: The Account

As soon as you register, the page will open a pop-up window to select a broker, which will be the broker you are going to carry out your operations with Bitcoin Code. This Broker is in theory the one that will provide all the information that the Bitcoin Code Software will analyse to establish which signals emitted are the best ones to perform the trades, and at the same time it will be through your selected broker that the trading will take place.

Step 3: Deposit

Once you click on the deposit option, a window will open to access your account with the broker, in which you will have to deposit the funds. Since the accounts are linked, any deposit you make there will be reflected in your Bitcoin Code account and through your selected broker.

Payment Methods are: Visa and Master credit or debit cards, GeoTrust and Neteller. The minimum deposit accepted is $250, which is an acceptable amount and at the same time recommended to start, until you acquire more experience and can invest higher amounts that generate better returns.

Step 4: Set up Account:

This last step is where you will tell the Bitcoin robot what exactly it should do for you. After choosing the settings you need to select the auto trade”on” option, and voila, from then on the robot will do all the work for you. All you need to do is check every now and then the robot’s performance.

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Key features of Bitcoin Code

Performance: Make sure to test out the best settings during the week, as there’s a lot of volatility with cryptocurrencies and that may affect the performance on the robot, and your return of investment. Bitcoin Code claims that you can earn up to $2000 per day/week with their software. Bear in mind that this is not guaranteed – your earnings can vary and depend on the market and your settings used.

Great security with little effort: Bitcoin Code is a reliable robot, and it does seem like it is one of the most used and trustworthy platforms. The broker is a secure platform, and all your data will only be used for trading with Bitcoin Code and the broker.

Low commissions: Bitcoin Code doesn’t charge extra commissions, only those already established. You can register for free and operate almost in the same way in almost all of its functions.

It works through brokers: The brokers will do all the work for you when performing the trades automatically. All you have to do is set up the best settings and turn the auto trade button on. Bitcoin Code will then take care of all the rest for you. You may receive a call from your account manager who will guide share with you the best opportunities.

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Let’s compare Bitcoin Code with the rest of the trading robots:

Bitcoin Code

  • The registration is hassle free. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to register and get started.
  • Bitcoin Code claims to have a success rate of 82% or higher, which makes it a reliable trading bot.
  • The minimum initial amount to start trading is $250
  • You can make deposits quickly, easily, and above all very secure, as well as withdrawals.

Other Robots

  • Some involve very slow and cumbersome processes with long useless forms.
  • Few robots give that advantage, they perform automatically with poor performance.
  • Some robots are not so reliable when making deposits.
  • Others take up to weeks to deliver your money. Sometimes, they don’t even give you profits at all.

Advantages of Bitcoin Code

Very easy to use: you do not need to be an expert in Bitcoin, much less computers. Anyone can configure their Bitcoin Code account and from it let the robot perform all the work.

Reportedly a consistent profitability: Bitcoin Code claims to share with its users approximately 92% of the money it generates, and that is why it attracts users from all over the world.

Efficient and effective artificial intelligence: The robots claims it can make life easier for us, and one of its functions is being able to do things for us more quickly and effectively. Bitcoin Code claims it can do for you in a day what an expert analyst would take several weeks to accomplish.

Tools to become an expert: You have 24/7 customer service and a demo account available, in addition to accepting minimum deposits for acceptable amounts such as $ 250. All this allows you to gain experience until you become an expert and benefit from the markets.

Some tips when using Bitcoin Code

According to user reviews, profits in Bitcoin Code are possible, but there are also many risks of loss. There are, on the other hand, those that cannot be controlled, which are directly related to the market and the changes in trends. There are also risks that can be reduced, such as the most common mistakes users do. Here are some tips so you can avoid the most common mistakes and reduce the risk of loss.

Start with the minimum: You shouldn’t commit large amounts of money until you become familiar with the platform. $ 250 is fine to start. Another way to gain experience is using the demo account, in which the platform allows you to perform test operations with fictitious money.

Learn from others: You can consult the customer service. You can also access webinars, tutorials and forums where the most experts share their knowledge about Bitcoin Trading.

Does Bitcoin Code have a mobile app?

Yes, and it’s completely free. Until now it is available for Android, although it is expected that soon there will be compatibility with other mobile phone operating systems.

Has Bitcoin Code Been on TV?

There are many rumours around Bitcoin Code being featured on the TV. Truth is, however, that many of these are fake and have been spread around across the internet. You can find some rumours below:

Dragon's DenThis MorningShark Tank

Dragon’s Den is a TV show in which successful businessmen unite to invest in great opportunities brought by several entrepreneurs. It has been said that Bitcoin Code has been on the TV show and the “Dragons” had all invested in it. This is, however, a false statement. Bitcoin Code has never been on Dragon’s Den.

The TV show “This Morning” is a TV show that is aired every day on a British channel. The hosts of the show are Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. There are images circling around the web in which they seem to be amazed by a trading tool that went on the TV show as featured. This is, however, a fake image. Bitcoin Code has never been on any TV show.

Shark Tank is the American version of the TV Show Dragon’s Den. Just as Bitcoin Code has never been on Dragon’s Den, it has also never been on Shark Tank.

Has Bitcoin Code been endorsed by celebrities?

Bitcoin Code is often rumored online to have been endorsed by famous celebrities. We’ll take a look at each of these rumors, one by one, to see if your favorite celebrity uses the program

Elon MuskMartin LewisPeter Jones

Elon Musk has been said to endorse many things in the crypto space. He’s even been said to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself, which he denies. Elon musk has spoken in public about Bitcoin and how great he thinks cryptocurrencies are, but he definitely does not endorse the software Bitcoin Code.

Martin Lewis is a famous financial adviser who is linked to the well known Money Super Market comparison site. Martin Lewis has never used or recommended Bitcoin Code, and he even went as far to sue Facebook for promoting misleading advertising campaigns by using his name. Another well known robot that was linked to Martin Lewis’ name is Bitcoin Loophole.

The Irish entrepreneur and Dragon Sir Peter Jones has been said to endorse not only Bitcoin code, but also another robot called Bitcoin Revolution. A fake image has been spread across social media and even made it to the news. Peter Jones has combated this by exposing on twitter the whole story, and saying he doesn’t not endorse any sort of trading software.

Bitcoin Code Review: The verdict!

Bitcoin Code is considered by many not only one of the most modern and innovative Bitcoin trading robots, but also very effective and reliable. .

Cryptocurrencies are complex assets, and there’s a lot of volatility when trading with them, so you need to consider the risks involved in trading with Bitcoin and other crypto.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
  • Trade
Free to use
  • 88% Claimed win rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort
All trading carries risk.



What kind of results should I expect from trading with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code claims to have a percentage of success of around 92%.

How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Code?

The minimum deposit is $250 and they are yours, you will use them to invest and trade. The app itself is free to use.

What's the highest amount can be made by trading?

Bitcoin Code claims it can make a profit of up to 100% per day speculating on crypto..

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    • Hello AJ112, we highly appreciate your question. Bitcoin Code has a minimum deposit amount of $250. So, you can easily get started on the platform. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we would recommend you to start with $250 and learn to trade cryptocurrencies with minimal risk involved.
    • Hello Bng11, it is almost impossible to predict the profit you will make on this platform as it depends on different variables including the accuracy of the robot’s algorithms and the market’s performance at the time.
  1. What is the fee required to create on account on Bitcoin Code? I really like the proposition put forward by this software, I think I will try it.
    • Hello Jxq34, we highly appreciate your question and are glad to hear that you are interested in investing in this platform. Bitcoin Code doesn’t charge any fee for account creation so, you don’t need to worry about that.
  2. Withdrawing money is always a complicated process in platforms like these. Did you guys experience the same problems when withdrawing your money?
    • Hello Fifty5, while a lot of platforms make it very hard to withdraw money from their accounts Bitcoin Code is not like that. The platform has a very easy and quick withdrawal process. It is important to note that you must have verified your identity to be able to withdraw money from your account. It is a crucial security measure placed for your investment’s protection.
  3. I am completely sold. Bitcoin Code sounds like a great platform and I am ready to start making some real money. How do I sign up?
    • Hello Fortran, we are very happy to hear that you are interested in investing in Bitcoin Code. The platform has a very easy signing up process which has been mentioned in this review. Please refer to the tutorial in this review to get help signing up.
    • Hello Mnc8365, we highly appreciate your question. Bitcoin Code only supports bitcoin trading right now. So, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right cryptocurrency to trade on the platform.
  4. I only have $500 on me right now but I really want to start investing right away. Can you please tell me about the minimum deposit amount on this platform?
    • Hello Rogers Black, we understand your concern and assure you that you don’t need a large investment to be able to get started on top crypto bots like Bitcoin Code. It has a minimum deposit about of $250, which you can easily afford.
  5. This sounds like a very good platform. However, I am worried that I might lose my money as I am an inexperienced crypto trader. Can you please tell me what to do?
    • Hello Blues99, we understand your concerns but would assure you that Bitcoin Code is a very easy-to-use software. It’s algorithm accurately assists you in making profitable trades. As for your concern of being inexperience, you can invest a small amount of $250 at first and trade cryptocurrencies with minimum risks involved.
    • Hey Ficky, nice name. Methods of payment include Visa, Master cards, be it debit or credit. Moreover, you can make payments with GeoTrust and Neteller too. To add more, feel free to make payments as you don’t need to worry about its security.
    • Arthur, first of all, Good Luck for your crypto trading. Secondly, there are only 4 steps involved in creating a Bitcoin Code account. Register your id, view your account, deposit the amount that is minimum $250 and start trading. For detailed screenshots, please view the process of creating account above.
    • Woah. Congrats Suzzie. That is a great profit for the first week. Keep on trading and you’ll be raking in more profit and then, expand your investments on other bots too for example Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Profit, etc. Happy trading girl.
    • Hey Prezzie. We ensure the legitimacy and performance of crypto bots here on our website. The core benefits include better dividends offered by Bitcoin Code, easy UI, empowered by Artificial Intelligence, more importantly 24 hour back up support and availability of demo account so that you can get hands on practice before delving in the crypto trading world.
    • Hey Pecky, your concerns are right but we want to ensure that Bitcoin Code is one of the most legit crypto bot in the trading market. Moreover, we have a team of crypto researchers who delve into the legitimacy of every bot so that you people cannot be scammed.
    • Fred, interesting question I must say. Well, Bitcoin Code is among the most sought after crypto bot with updated features. The bot is secure, equipped with auto brokers so that you won’t be taking any stress, takes low commissions, and well, has credibility and high ratio of profit.
    • Hey Garix. You seem to be more than interested in getting profitable and we appreciate this. Well, there are only 3 tips to get successful with Bitcoin trading. First, start with minimum that is $250 in majority of bots. Secondly, talk to the bitcoin fraternity and get information about how others are trading. Third, research well before chipping in your hard earned money.
    • Hey Keven, thanks for appreciating us. Our team strives hard to deliver spot on information so that you people can invest easy and care free. Coming on to your question, it’s pretty easy. Just create your account on Bitcoin Code, start with the minimum amount of $250, and once you start understanding the system, increase your investment gradually.
    • Hey hi Shabby. We would be more than glad to help you guide here. Well, Bitcoin Code is one of the most trusted crypto trading bot in the industry with a success ratio of over 80%. Moreover, you can withdraw your money within 24hrs and guess what, kick start your investment with just $250.
    • Hey Joshua. Thanks for your interest. Bitcoin Code is one of the most profit raking crypto bot with zero risk. You can start investing from $250 and afterwards, increase your investment as much as you can. Additionally, the detailed review has all the nitty gritty details. Please read it and if you want to ask something afterwards, we are here to help.
    • Hello Ricky, thanks for asking. Indeed, mobile users are increasing by every passing day and the good news is – Bitcoin Code’s mobile app is available. However, currently, it is only available for android, but there are plans for iOS as well. Happy Investing.
    • Hello Jackie. Good decision by the way. Investing in Bitcoin Code is much simple and profitable. As far as registration is concerned, Bitcoin Code requires maximum 20 to 25 minutes to get a user on-board and its success ratio is over 82%. Happy investing.


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