Municipal Bond Ratings – State Credit Ratings for all 50 States


Below is a municipal bond ratings table showing the state credit ratings for all 50 states.  For more bond market data visit the links below:

Market Data : Treasury YieldsMunicipal BondsBond Fund PricesCD RatesSavings Accounts

Treasury Yields: Yield CurveHistorical Interest RatesFED Funds Rate,  Savings Bonds

The last time a state defaulted on a municipal bond was 1933. (History Of State Defaults). To put the municipal bond ratings information in a broader historical context, read Municipal Bond Defaults & Credit Ratings.

Don’t know the difference between an AA and A2 municipal bond rating? Use our credit rating chart to compare.

Notes on Ratings Below  – Table Updated September 2012

1) South Dakota, Nebraska, & Wyoming do not have any state general obligation debt. Any municipal bond ratings for these states are implied base on other debt issues.

2) Fitch Ratings was unable to provide with a current list of GO Ratings. Data from Fitch dates back to February of  2012.




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