Your Free Guide to Investing in Savings Bonds



If you have a question about investing in savings bonds along the way, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the lesson itself, or in our ask a question forum which you can find here.

Lesson 1: Types of Savings bonds – There are currently two different types of savings bonds available to buy and not understanding the difference can cost you a lot of money.  Let us run you through the ins and outs of buying the EE and i Series Savings bonds.

Lesson 2: 5 Things All Savings Bond Investors Should Know – If are researching savings bonds for school or just want a quick overview then this is the lesson for you.

Lesson 3: How to Buy US Savings Bonds – Unfortunately you can no longer buy paper savings bonds.  Don’t worry however as we walk you through buying savings bonds electronically in this lesson.

Lesson 4: How to Give Savings Bonds as a Gift – Want to give a savings bond to your grandchild or other loved one?  The process is a little complicated but its still doable.  Let us walk you through the process of buying savings bonds as a gift step by step.

Lesson 5: How to Know if Your Savings Bonds Have Stopped Paying Interest – Do you already own savings bonds and want to know how much they are worth and whether they still pay interest?  This lesson is for you.

Lesson 6: How to Redeem Lost or Stolen Savings Bonds – Many of us were given savings bonds when we were very young and it may have been years since you last saw them.  Fortunately you are not out of luck.  Learn why here.

Lesson 7: How to Earn 3.5% on US Savings Bonds – There is a little known loophole that allows you to earn substantially more on a savings bond than the interest rate they currently pay.  Learn how here.

Lesson 8: How to Cash in Savings Bonds – Ready to sell your savings bonds but don’t know where to turn.  Many banks will not cash in savings bonds anymore so let us walk you through the new process.

Did we miss something else you would like to learn about?  If so please feel free to let us know in our free forum here.



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