Apple Inc (AAPL) Has No iPhone 8 For 2017


Lovers of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) hardware get three iPhone choices this year. Yes, reports are still avidly behind the bonus smartphone. It is the tenth anniversary handset, the 2017 special edition iPhone, or that slightly more expensive iPhone. Call it what you will, but don’t expect Apple to call it the iPhone 8. That’s just short-sighted, and very confusing.

I mean, what would that leave next year’s iPhones? A jump to iPhone 8s? That is very unlikely. So, let’s address the other title floating around the interwebs. If you ask me, it makes far more sense than the widespread iPhone 8 idea.

Other than the widely excepted iPhone 8, there are those who refer to it as the iPhone X. That’s a name I could get behind and not just because it sounds awesome. Well, not entirely, but iPhone X actually makes sense. The roman numeral ties in nicely with the phone’s significance. Why would the tech firm pass up the chance to be clever and catchy and avoid confusing buyers?

Apple Inc. Tim Cook

The last special edition iPhone might be a good example. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is no stranger to surprise smartphone launches. The company made one last year in March. It was a very quiet release, but no less significant. For those not in the loop, it is called the iPhone SE. It crams all most of the capabilities of the iPhone 6S into the chassis of an iPhone 5.

The months building up to the iPhone SE’s release had numerous outlets taking jabs at what Apple might call it. Speculation was rife with names like iPhone 5SE, the iPhone 5E and host of other titles with 5 in them. Thing is, Apple had already released the iPhone 6. Putting a 5 in the title, despite it aimed at lovers of the smaller framed iPhone, would have been confusing, if not entirely deterring. I mean, why pass up an iPhone 6 for an iPhone 5SE?

Similar to the iPhone SE, Apple Inc will avoid slapping a number on this year’s special edition handset. It just throws a spanner in the works of the company’s naming pattern.

Other special edition iPhone rumors

There is a ton of news surrounding the special edition iPhone. To cover the basics, there will be three iPhones launching this year, or so the rumor mill insists. The two conventional upgrades will come along as expected. Beyond those, Apple will launch another to celebrate ten years of iPhone making.

It will have features like long-distance wireless charging, although some reports state otherwise. However, if the device does roll out with such a feature, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) would be a step closer to ridding its user base of low battery concerns. Being able to keep your phone wirelessly tethered to a charger over a short distance opens up a world of conveniences. Safe to say, many people hope this particular rumor holds some truth.

A mirror-like exterior is also said to be part of the package. Every iPhone launch event has a flagship color. Last year’s was black, a very sleek and glossy black. This year’s is supposed to be silver, or mirror-like. The 2017 special edition iPhone will have shiny, reflective coating. There will be four other colors to choose from too.

Rumors have also gone wild about a 3D camera, OLED screens, supply constraints and a hefty price tag. There is very little that most of these talks will prove true. Calling it the iPhone 8, though, that’s probably not going to happen.

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