Microsoft Corporation Wants Us To Believe Tablets=Laptops


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is not done rolling out new hardware. Beyond the recent Surface releases comes a new extension to its Hello tech. The Windows giant launched an all-new keyboard this week. Best of all, this typer comes fitted with a fingerprint scanner too.

It is not too surprising to find out that Microsoft has once again deviated from the status quo. When it comes to hardware, the company is all shades of innovation. This is reiterated by its Surface lineup, which strives to build bridges between everyday conventional devices. Last month saw two new gadgets come to stores. The first was the Surface Laptop, a conservative darling of a device. It was joined by the release of the Surface Pro, the new tablet laptop from Redmond.

Remember those new Microsoft Corporation Surface gadgets?

The Surface Laptop is the first non-2-in-1 device to join the ranks of the Surface lineup. It is reserved, truly, but not without purpose either. The new laptop is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chromebooks and the web company’s booming Chrome OS too. At its unveiling, alongside the new Surface Laptop came the new Windows 10 S. This new OS is a direct jab at the Chrome OS which has been scoring favor in bucket loads.

Next in the Microsoft Corporation hardware scene was the all-new Surface Pro. In an ideal world, Microsoft might have slapped the anticipated “5” at the end of it. Alas, the company’s device chief says the it is not quite there yet. So, it is a bit of a placeholder release. That’s not to say that it’s not at all innovative and alluring. In fact, it’s far better than the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface Laptop
Microsoft Surface Laptop

It looks as though Microsoft is done with the number naming convention, a page taken from Apple. If not, a new Surface Pro 5 is likely still to come. The Surface Pro is the most recent of the MSFT tablets that can double as your laptop. Microsoft really wants to convince users that it’s not a tablet but a very minimalist laptop.

At no point during the Surface Pro’s unveiling did Microsoft execs refer to it as a tablet. The word “laptop” was flung around all willy-nilly though. Understandably, this is a bit hard to see from the buyer’s perspective. I mean, where’s the keyboard? Oh, I have to buy it? Separately, you say? So it works fine without of one? It’s a tablet then? …

Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

But you needn’t settle for the conventional Surface Pro add-on keyboard any more. This week sees another option come to users courtesy of Microsoft and its Hello technology. This latest Keyboard works with any Windows 10 device. Best of all, it reads fingerprints at a touch as well. The accessory lets users log into their Windows 10 gadgets with a simple touch of the keyboard. It also works via Bluetooth, so no worries about those pesky cables.

Microsoft Corporation modern keyboard with fingerprint ID
Microsoft Corporation modern keyboard with fingerprint ID

It’s not exactly affordable, however. Then again, Microsoft has made a hard push into the premium hardware space, so a hefty price tag is to be expected. It is now ready for purchase online and at Microsoft Stores. The Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID costs $129.99, a mere $30 more than the normal Surface Pro keyboard.

On the bright side, it truly does offer an alluring solution for quick and secure computer access. The need to retain passwords in the back of mind is done away with this lovely add-on. All any user needs to do is lay a finger of the keyboard and keep on going with their tasks. This is all enabled by Windows Hello tech, It is the same technology which allows your PC to recognize your face, allowing it to be unlocked as soon as you sit in front of it.

Despite working mostly on tablets and sitting at the forefront of speech recognition tech, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) seems to believe that keyboards are here to stay. That’s sometthing that happy typists around the world will be able to cheer to.

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