Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 8 Leaker Reveals His 10 Big Predictions


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is getting more and more paranoid about the information it’s leaking, and with good reason. The firm’s future depends on its ability to control the story around its big releases, and it seems to be losing control of that recently. On Monday morning one of the analysts with the best track record for iPhone leaks came out with his predictions for the iPhone 8.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed the 10 key features he sees coming on the iPhone 8 release date. Mr. Kuo is renowned for the vast accuracy of his information on Apple in recent years. That gives everyone following the Apple iPhone 8 good reason to listen carefully to his predictions.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 design

1 iPhone release date brings three models

Kuo reckons that Tim Cook will show off three new iPhone models this year. They will include two phones similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as a third with a fully new design.

We don’t really know what the names of the new phones will be be. Commonly posited theories have dubbed the LCD phones as the 7S and 7S Plus. The premium OLED device is, for the time being, most commonly known as the iPhone 8. It has also been called the X by some outlets.

2 Edge to edge OLED screen

This backs up most of the rumors we’ve heard so far. The premium iPhone 8 will come with a very new edge to edge design. That will give it a larger screen size in a similar sized package.

The design we’ve seen emerge, through other leaks about the iPhone 8, really is incredible. The release date seems to promise a complete change in what we know as the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) smartphone.

3 Facial recognition a premium feature

The OLED device won’t just have a new design. It will also come with special features that can only be had in the firm’s more expensive release. According to Kuo one of the blowout features will be 3D facial recognition. This will be achieved with new front-facing camera tech.

Facial recognition is something that no mobile maker has turned into a killer feature just yet, but Apple Inc. just might be able to do so with the iPhone 8 release.

4 Apple will up the RAM

Most people won’t notice, but according to Kuo Apple intends to keep the RAM in the two bigger devices at 3 GB. That’s the same as the premium iPhone 7 Plus released last year. In the less expensive release the RAM will remain at a poky 2 GB.

5 Storage options

It might be a mundane leak, but storage options can mean a whole lot of difference to people looking for a new phone. Kuo says that all three of the new devices will come with storage of either 64 GB or 256 GB. There’s an Apple Inc. like simplicity in the options. At the very least everybody can be glad that the storage-starved 16 GB iPhone of the past is dead for good.

6 Lightning isn’t dead yet

One thing that isn’t yet passed, according to Kuo, is the lightning connector. After Apple controversially moved to USB C for its latest MacBook, there was speculation that the smartphone cable would be the next to change.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Macbook Pro

All three new models will, however, come with the Lightning connector if the report is correct. Some aspects of USB C will be worked into the connector’s design in order to make charging quicker, says KGI.

7 iPhone soundscape changes

For the very technically minded, Apple Inc. is planning on making the output power of the receiver and speaker of its top-end iPhone 8 more consistent. The KGI report says that this will result in better stereo effects. That’s something that even those without technical understanding of mobile phone sound will be able to understand.

8 Less colors mean more for iPhone 8

The premium iPhone 8 specs will offer big bonuses on some fronts, but not on color. Apparently Apple Inc. is going to cut the color options available on the next major release. Something like the current color selection will be available on the “ordinary” two iPhones, but the deluxe iPhone 8 OLED model will be limited to maintain a “boutique” image.

9 iPhone 8 release date will be delayed

That boutique exclusive image is likely to be supported by a dearth of units after the iPhone 8 release date. The report says that the launch date will likely be shared by all three models, but availability will vary drastically.

apple iphone
iPhone 8 Concept Design / Image Source: Racing Junky

Kuo anticipates very high demand for the OLED phone after the iPhone 8 release date. That’s going to be coupled with constrained supply of the more expensive smart phone. That means that even if the apparent release date is in September, it may be December before Tim Cook figures out the massive supply issues involved.

10 85 million iPhones will be shipped

This is what those with Apple stock really want to hear. KGI is estimating that the firm will ship around 85 million units of the phones through the full year. More exciting still is the proposition, raised by Kuo, that half of the phones sold are going to be of the iPhone 8 variety.

More expensive at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) usually means a higher margin. Higher margins mean bigger profits and that, more than anything, is what investors at Apple want to see.

Looking for the iPhone 8 Supercycle

Apple stock has jumped since the start of the year on hopes that the firm’s next big release will bring a major redesign. That sort of massive change is thought to be key to turning around the firm’s falling unit sales numbers. Some on Wall Street expect it to go much further than that.

The idea that the iPhone 8 release date spectacle is going to release pent up demand for the smart phone is an attractive one. We’ll have to see whether that story remains the same throughout the coming months. In recent days shares in the Cupertino company have been pressured by a difficult tech market.

Because the firm’s fortunes seem to be lead by movements in the overall tech world right now, it’s difficult to bet on its individual attributes. That was being shown in full force on Monday. Shares in the firm finished the day selling at $143.50. That was down a fraction from open.

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