3D Camera Rumors Fuel Apple iPhone 8 Mania


Apple Inc wants to celebrate ten years of excellent smartphones by launching the iPhone 8. At least, this is what the rumor mongers online insist. The makers of the iPhone stand a tier above most when it comes to the camera quality of their smartphones. This year, their widely speculated iPhone 8 will prove exactly why they’re the best. Rumors are in no shortage regarding the incoming, special edition iPhone. Chief among them is the inclusion of a 3D camera.

2017 marks ten years of iPhone production. Recognizing this massive milestone, fans look forward to an equally massive gesture in the form of a special edition handset. Talks of a 3D camera fuel the iPhone discussion right now. If these hold any truth, the company could revolutionize everyday snapshots with its “bonus” smartphone.

iPhone 8 excites masses with 3D camera

Come fall, people will be lining up to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind Apple gadget. They certainly hope they will in any case. Apple barely hints at — let alone confirms — a new product until very close to its release. As usual, this does very little to water down the excitement of fans.

The hopes of many i-fans are validated by Apple supply chain gossip. There is a ton of expert comments and alleged leaks that help feed the flame as well. All of this has built some high expectations for Apple Inc this year.

Apple iPhone 3D Camera

Leading the speculated features of this year’s bonus gadget is an alluring 3D camera. But Apple is not alone in wanting to change the way people take snapshots. Many companies out there also wish to popularize their twist to the conventional smartphone camera. Should the iPhone 8 feature a 3D sensor, it would only join a hoard of handset innovators.

Getting you up to speed, three iPhones will be launched by Apple this year, allegedly. The company will release its two conventional upgrades — the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Beyond those, a special, limited edition iPhone will be released too. This the gadget which has iPhone lovers frothing at the mouth. It will probably cost a little more and house more exciting capabilities.

This additional smartphone will let people take photos in 3D. Although, if it does, Apple Inc won’t be the first to cram dramatic camera features into its smartphones. Some gadget makers go as far as putting 360-degree cameras on their devices, and that’s far easier said than done.

Apple just wants to be the best

But Apple is not obsessed with being a market pioneer. The company only wants make sure that it is the best at what it does. This does not require the tech giant to be first to push out a specific feature. It only needs the company to innovate said feature in a way which distinguishes its products from the competition.

Indeed, compared to being the best, being the first in a market is not so important to iPhone. Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted this in June. “For us, it’s not about being first,” he tells Bloomberg. “It’s about being the best, and giving users an experience that excites them.”

Cook was responding to a question about the new HomePod. The “music” gadget sees Apple Inc joining the smart speaker market, which is led by Amazon and its Alexa-powered gadgets. Apple claims its smart speaker concept to be more than an assistant. It’s actually a build on something that’s embedded in the firm’s DNA — music.

What the company really wants is HomePod to be the “best” speaker around. But can the world’s most successful company become the most cutting edge in immersive smartphone footage too?

Apple joins the party with iPhone 8

If the 3D camera rumors are true, then Apple would still be late to party of innovative smartphone cameras. Hosting this soiree is a Chinese upstart called ProTruly. It released a smartphone with a 360-degree camera back in December 2016. This is a massive step in immersive tech, something Apple is working really hard on right now as well.

3D camera 360 degree camera Apple competitor
ProTruly Darling. Crazy right?

But how did the public miss out on this exciting device? A smartphone with a 360-degree camera range has to be big news, right? Well, yes and no.

There’s no need to get your iPhone cords in a twist about it. ProTruly’s inclusion of a 360-view camera was a groundbreaking feat and we can’t play that down. Yet we find ourselves in an age where all things ultra-slim and compact hog the limelight. In terms of attractiveness, the sheer bulk of ProTruly’s smartphone release is just repulsive.

Last month’s WWDC saw Apple share its push into the realm of mobile VR. The company launched iOS’s ARkit, its first bid at pushing its iPhone into the realm of augmented and virtual reality. Apple Inc fans will recognize ARkit is the first tangible commitment to AR. Experts, say the company will soon “establish itself as a the leader in the race to build a dominant, AR-driven OS.”

Now the firm is squeezing the most out of the dual-lens camera fad. 3D capabilities are a sure way to prove that Apple capacity to innovate. The inclusion of 3D pictures will make the iPhone 8 king of the dual camera arena.

The company might have opted for a 360 view camera. This might be more in line with its virtual reality push. The drawback is obvious, though. 360-degree cameras are bulky, even at smartphone level. ProTruly is building a second generation of its smartphone but it still comes in at 7.6mm, reports Engadget. This just wouldn’t sit well with a tech company that is obsessed with the thinness of its products.

3D camera? Apple does it again

However, Apple will likely score enough favor regardless of what is pushes out. The fan fare thrown at every new iPhone is often enough to compel even the most bearish naysayer. The company has been at this for much longer than a decade. This is the world’s most successful company we’re talking about.

Time and time again, Apple proves that is knows its own consumer base better than anyone else. No one is complaining about the lack of a 3.5mm audio port anymore, which had many people peeved in the months building up to the iPhone 7.

Others argue that it will go by the name “iPhone X”, though. This latter title might be better suited since the roman numeral “X” ties in nicely with the phone’s significance. Also, what will next year’s iPhones be called?

Pressing questions like these will probably be left to linger until Apple decides end our curiosity. Ever the tease, the names of the incoming iPhones, or if they have 3D cameras, won’t be known until the night of their unveiling. Again, that’s just how the company does things. The novelty of it all is yet to fade.

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