Bond Fund Total Return

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Although most investors in bond funds focus on Yield, there are actually 4 components to a bond fund's return.  Those who focus only on yield are missing the big picture, and could lose money as a result.   The most important number is the fund’s … [Read more...]

Deconstructing the AGG Bond ETF


By Matt Tucker, CFA Its building block time again! I recently wrote a post aboutdifferent ways that ETFs can help investors meet their income objectives.  The two options were: 1) “No assembly required,” through a pre-packaged ETF of ETFs such as … [Read more...]

How Bond ETF Fees Work

Bond ETF Fees

There are 3 costs involved with investing in Bond ETFs which are: Commissions The Spread The Expense Ratio Here is an explanation of each.   Commissions When you buy and sell most Bond ETFs you are charged a commission, which is … [Read more...]

Bond Funds vs. Individual Bonds

bond funds vs individual bonds

There are several advantages and disadvantages to investing in Bond Mutual Funds and ETFs vs. Individual Bonds. Bond Fund Advantages: 1. Diversification: By combining the funds of many investors into one investment vehicle, bond funds provide … [Read more...]

All About Bond ETFs

Bond ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs for short, are mutual funds which trade on a stock exchange like the NYSE.  In other words, ETFs trade just like stocks.  When buying an ETF, you are not buying a piece of a company. Instead, you are buying a piece of … [Read more...]