How much can I withdraw per year from my retirement account?

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This is a great question which I believe far too little time is spent thinking about.  In their post “Living to 100 and Beyond: Creating the Infinite Portfolio” The blog “Invest It Wisely” is one of the only places where I have seen this question … [Read more...]

Are your investments about to drop off the fiscal cliff?


What is the fiscal cliff? The fiscal cliff is really two separate events that will be occurring around the same time: Increased Tax Rates For 2013 (including the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts) A Dramatic Decrease In Government … [Read more...]

Convertible Bond Funds: Equity market returns with less risk?

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Convertible bond funds, are bond mutual funds and ETFs that invest in bonds which can be converted into stock at a fixed price.  If the stock does well, convertible bondholders benefit.  On the other hand, if the company goes into bankruptcy, … [Read more...]

Negative Returns On CDs! Junk Bonds paying under 10%! What’s an investor to do?

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(September 2012) I knew all the individual numbers but, I did not put it together until I read Philip Brewer’s article “Savings Rates Below Inflation, Save Anyway” Do CDs really have negative returns?  After inflation and taxes, a 2 year CD has an … [Read more...]

Bill Gross is Bullish On Municipal Bonds (Bearish On Treasuries)

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PIMCO’s flagship fund cut its treasury holdings by ⅓ in August. PIMCO’s BOND ETF has 10% of its assets in municipal bonds. (FYI - We list BOND’s five largest municipal holdings at the end of this article. New Yorkers, you’re in … [Read more...]

3 Income Investing Ideas: Dividend Stocks, High Yield Bonds, MLPs


(September 2012) While our parents' generation may have expected their retirement to last 10 or 15 years, couples today expect their retirements to last 27 years on average (according to a survey by investment manager BlackRock). The change in … [Read more...]

Retirement Investing: How To Guarantee Yourself A Regular Income Check


Unfortunately, very few of us have access to pension plan which will provide a regular check for a fixed dollar amount when we retire.  We may be entitled to Social Security, but the small size of the check may still force us to rely on our savings … [Read more...]

4 Strikes Against Municipal Bonds? (Wait, aren’t there only 3 strikes per out?)

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Ronald Delegge (of recently wrote “4 Strikes Against Municipal Bonds” for Advisor One.  In the article, he makes the case against investing in municipal bonds.  I could not disagree more with the article.   Let’s start with his 4 … [Read more...]

CDs are Better Than Bonds For Short-Term Investments


Certificate of Deposit yields are low, very low.  For locking up your money for 5 years, you will receive less than 2.0%.  It almost doesn’t seem worth it.  However, its important to understand that investing is about getting the best returns … [Read more...]

Defined Maturity Bond Funds – Don’t Confuse These Great Products With Target Date Funds

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Defined maturity funds, which are also known as target maturity bond funds, have been around for a few years, but have yet to become very popular.  Once interest rates start rising, we believe that many investors will start switching from traditional … [Read more...]

The “Risk Tolerance” Mistake That Could Lead You To Financial Disaster


I read a number of great personal finance blogs including the Oblivious Investor written by Michael Piper.  Recently, I found a guest post by him on the Bible Money Matters blog, called How To Determine Your Risk Tolerance.  In the article, he … [Read more...]