I Know Where CD rates will be in 2015! Why Doesn’t Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent

thomas sargent

(October 2012) Thomas Sargent, a Nobel Laureate in the field of economics, is featured in an Ally Bank TV commercial. (Commercial is located at the bottom of this article.) Moderator: Professor Sargent, can you tell me what CD rates will be in two … [Read more...]

Investment Ideas From PIMCO: Buy TIPS, Municipal Bonds & High Quality Financials


Bonds would be burned to a crisp and stocks would certainly be singed; only gold and real assets would thrive within the “Ring of Fire.” - Bill Gross, “Damages” October 2012 The quote above is slightly out of context. Bill Gross is discussing … [Read more...]

The Chart That Shows Why Inflation May Not be Around The Corner

inflation report

Increasing The Money Supply Does Not Mean the CPI Will Rise (October 2012) There seems to be tremendous confusion between asset price inflation and consumer inflation. “Printing Money” or expanding the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, has caused … [Read more...]

Municipal Bond Watch: Illinois & Pennsylvania Being Dragged Down By Pension Problems

standard and poors building

Learn Bonds has just updated our State General Obligation ratings table. In the process, we took the opportunity to review the recent rating changes by two largest municipal raters, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. For the most part, the two … [Read more...]

The Big Picture: World Central Banks Temporarily Soothe The Market But Worry Long-Term Investors

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(October 2012) Tom Kenny of About.com recently published the “ 2012 Third Quarter Bond Market Returns: the Third Quarter in Review”.  In the report, he highlights the fact that emerging market bonds had a stellar quarter - up almost  7% , while … [Read more...]

DoubleLine Finally Gets A Five Star Rating (From LB Ratings)


LB Ratings has announced that it is initiating coverage of the DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund with a five star rating.  A five star rating means, “We love the fund and would consider investing ourselves.”  The main player in the mutual fund and … [Read more...]