Do you have a checking account of “Gay Man” or “Cave Man”?

If you don’t have a capital one high yield checking account, Capital One thinks you have the checking account of a gay man, or is it a cave man.  I was recently watching Hulu and came across this unusual commercial by Capital One.  My original thought was that comedian Jerry Stiller was accusing a group of men watching football of having the checking account of a gay man. You watch, tell us what you think, and vote below.

Before you watch, you should know that the add itself is very misleading.  You can read more in our article about the problems with Capital One High Yield Checking Accounts advertisements.

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After watching the commercial several times, I came to the conclusion that he said “cave man”.  However, I am not going to let Capital One off the hook. Their marketing people much have watched it hundreds of time. I cannot believe that nobody thought that the way Jerry Stiller  pronounced cave man sounded like gay man. My guess is that they liked that ambiguity. Despite much progress being made in the fight of anti-bigotry, there are still many that are biased against gays. I believe that Capital One was playing against this bias and trying to sell its checking accounts to manly men.  Capital One shame on you!



  1. Josh says

    Idiot, he said you have a state of the art man cave, but a checking account of a cave man (ie a checking account that doesn’t earn interest). Stop causing drama or stirring up issues out of nothing.

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