LB Financial Advisor Screening Process

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LB Financial Advisors is very selective about the financial advisors we work with.

Financial Advisors must meet the following criteria:


Fee Only Compensation Model – Avoid Conflicts Of Interest

Most financial advisors have an inherent conflict of interest. They get paid based on which financial products you buy. Often, poor products (like certain mutual funds) carry the highest compensation for the financial advisor. There is no legal requirement for many financial advisors to suggest the product which is best for the client, so they often push inferior investment choices in order to make more money.

We don’t believe in working with financial advisors that are not going to give you their best advice. To avoid this conflict of interest, LB Financial Advisors will only work with financial advisors that are paid directly by you and not hidden costs. A fee only compensation model will involve the client paying between 0.50% and 2.00% of the assets being managed, on an annual basis.


5 Years of Professional Experience

Experience matters. We will not set you up with a financial advisor that is “green behind the ears”. A financial advisor without 5 years of experience will not have advised investors during rocky markets such as 2008. Better to have a financial advisor with real world experience that will be a voice of calm and reason during difficult times.


Clean Regulatory History

All financial advisors are licensed with FINRA or the SEC. In addition, we check public records to see if there have been any regulatory actions taken against the advisor.

Surprised by the short form? We are going to follow-up with a call in next day or two. Based on the information that you share during the call we’ll match you with an appropriate advisor.

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