The 10 Best Bond ETF Sites on the Internet

So you’ve read our articles on Bond ETFs and are ready to take the plunge?  Here are the 10 best sites on the internet for researching Bond ETFs:

1. ETFdb – Provides a great introduction to investing in ETFs. Their bond ETF section has articles like, “Bond ETFs in Focus: Defining All The Yield Metrics.” The site also includes an ETF screener, so you can identify ETFs of interest by asset class, track record, expense ratios and much more.

2. Index Universe –  This site is primarily geared to financial advisers. It has a whole section dedicated to fixed income ETF Articles with titles like, “Junk Bond ETF Tracking Error” and “How Liquid Are High-Yield Bond ETFs?” The site also has a great ETF finder tool.

3. ETF Trends – Tom Lydon is one the most prominent figures in the ETF space and a prolific writer. He and his analysts have written over 1,000 articles on bond ETFs. While the site has tools for finding ETFs, I would say its strength is the original content.

4. iShare Fixed Income Overview The iShares site has educational content and product info. But, what I really like is their Fixed Income Portfolio Builder Tool which suggests bond ETF’s based on the interest rate you want to receive, or a combination of your credit risk and maturity preferences.

5. XTF – This site provides an ETF screener with a couple cool wrinkles. They provide a 10 point rating for over 1400 ETFs.  The rating is based upon tracking error, efficiency, market impact, concentration risk, tax efficiency, expense ratio, and bid-ask spread. Also, when researching a particular ETF the site will suggest similar ETFs.

6. Morningstar – They have both huge ETF  and bond sections but, they don’t have a “bond etf’ section. However, the reason to come to Morningstar is their data. Once you find an etf that you like, I would suggest looking it up on Morningstar. They have information like the historical $ amount of monthly distributions and how the ETF compares to ETFs with a similar focus..

7. ETF Base – This is small, but high quality site. They have a section dedicated to high-yield ETFs.

8. Learn Bonds – Bond Funds – Section focused only on bond funds with articles like Why Bond ETFs Often Do Not Trade Their NAV .

9. – Exchange Traded Funds – Lots of great educational articles covering a wide range of topics written for beginner investors.

10. Investment Company Institute – You might have to search for the ETF content, however, they have several FAQs Articles about ETFs. The content is written in a neutral and fact-based manner.

Honorable Mention (these sites don’t often cover Bond ETFs but, on occasion will put out a great article on the topic): ETF Digest, Wall St Sector Selector.

For more on Bond ETFs visit the Bond Funds section here at Learn Bonds.

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