Municipal Bond Rates Weekly State GO Table

Every week we provide a summary of the municipal bond rates for state general obligation bonds by state and maturity date. This table displays the averages for all trades that were conducted for the last five trading days for that maturity date and state. If there is not data listed , there were no trades conducted. Unless otherwise indicated, the data is current as of the last Friday of the previous week. We would like to thank for providing us this data.

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Municipal Bond Rates Table: State GO Bonds By State and Maturity

municipal bond rates

Please keep in mind, these averages are indications of where the municipal bond market is trading. Sometimes, you will need to use common sense to interpret the data. For example, the data may indicate that a longer rated maturity has a lower yield than a shorter dated maturity. This probably is not an accurate representation of the market.


  1. Deepesh says

    I wouldn’t touch a gorevnment bond with a 10 foot pole now because of the impending pension crisis that local and state gorevnments face. Guess where your money will be going? Guess how hard the gorevnment will fight to not let itself get burdened by all of the financial obligations it has?

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