Top 5 Sites To Find Fee-Only Financial Planners and Advisors

In our last article we outlined why fee based financial planning is the future.  If you agree below are several resources which you can use to find a fee only financial advisor that fits your needs:

National Association Of Personal Financial Advisors  (NAPFA)

All Financial Advisors listed are fee only. Their site allows you to find financial advisors by location. Unlike other sites which tend to force you to make the initial contact through the site, the NAPFA makes it easy for you to contact the financial advisor directly.

Garrett Planning Network

All financial Planners listed are fee only. The level of information on each financial planner can vary greatly.

Let’s Make Al Plan (part of the Certified Planners Association)

Not all financial planners listed are fee only, however the individual profiles of members disclose how they are compensated. The Certified Financial Planners Association is a well respected organization and you can be fairly confident that the advisor is knowledgeable about financial topics.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Not all financial advisors listed are fee only. Getting a CFA designation is extremely difficult. However, its important to keep in mind that the CFA is about creating great investment strategists, not financial planning. A person with this degree may be better at telling you how a Greece default may effect your portfolio than how having a kid will impact your taxes.

Paladin Registry

Not all financial advisors listed are fee only. In fact, the standards to be listed are the lowest of any of the sites mentioned above .  The quality of information presented on each advisor however, is second to none. This site will allow you to effectively pre-screen the qualification of a financial advisor.

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