TLT at a Tipping Point?

March 6th, 2012


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Is the TLT (Long Term Government Bond ETF) at a Tipping Point? – Greg Harmon seems to think so and makes a compelling argument with charts to back it up.  What he does not talk about however is the fact that the FED is now in the market specifically holding treasury yields down and how the traditional correlations might not hold as a result.



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MSRB Seeks SEC Approval of Rule to Strengthen Regulation of Broker’s Brokers – Sounds like the Municipal Securities Rule-making Board is snapping to action after the GAO issues a report basically stating that Retail Municipal Bond Traders are Getting Ripped Off.  Long story short is that there is often a broker that services your broker when you place a municipal bond trade who may not have your best interests in mind.  This is one of the reasons why we talk about how to avoid dumb advice when choosing a bond broker.

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Mike Terry Reminds us that there is still value to be had in the bond market with his KIMCO Bonds Buy Recommendation. The short version is that KIMCO’s bonds are yielding a good amount more than the bonds of other companies in its space of similar credit quality.

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Companies Floated $20 Billion in Bonds Yesterday – Biggest Day for the corporate bond market since November 7th 2011.  Some interesting stats from the article: “The average yield on securities in Barclays’s investment-grade corporate bond index was 3.27% Friday; that was a record low, according to Barclays data, which goes back almost four decades.” and “In the junk-bond market, average yields fell below 7% last week for the first time since early June 2011″

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