High-yield Muni Bonds Still Offering Good Value?


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Reward For Risk – Portfolio Manager James Colby makes a strong argument that Junk Muni Bonds are still priced attractively by historical standards even in this generally low yielding environment.  Perhaps partially Meredith Whitney’s Fault?  Another side of the equation from yesterday’s post which lead of with Morgan Stanley’s Muni Bond Sell Recommendation.



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Bank of America Unveils New, Stealthier Fees – Another example of why it sucks not to be wealthy in America and why we are glad you are here at LearnBonds “Getting Rich with Knowledge”.

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Bernanke: Money Market Funds Still at Risk of Runs – Good example why it is important for investors to understand the difference between Money Market Funds (which do not carry FDIC Insurance) and Money Market Accounts (which do Carry FDIC Insurance).  For more on why Money Market Funds Suck read this.

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“Ouch! 9.125% and 7% new debt from Sprint $S? Is their credit really that bad? And how can I get my hands on some of that action???”  –seems like another example of where there is still ways to grab yield for the savvy bond investor.

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Market Post: Munis Expensive in Primary As New Deals Finish Pricing –  “By the end of the second day of retail, $930.7 million orders had been placed, or 47% of the total offering.”  —Sounds like there is still a lot of demand out there from individual investors.

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