What To Do if You Think Someone Is Trying To Hack Your Accounts

Contact Your Financial Institutions (Credit cards, Banks, Brokerages) in Order to:

1) Verify Recent Transactions. (Obviously, if something is wrong communicate that to the financial institution.)
2) Verify Any Changes To Account Information.
3) Place A Fraud Alert On Your Account (Essentially, your banking institution already screens your transaction for fraud. However, this will raise the level of scrutiny.)
4) Change Your Passwords, PINS
5) Contact A Credit Bureau (www.experian.com) To Place A Fraud Alert – This Will Prevent Credit Card Companies From Sending Out Pre-Approved Cards For 2 years

Speed in reacting to the situation and alerting the interested parties can help to stop further fraudulent activity taking place. This helps to protect the victim from further fraud and can enable further attempts to perpetrate the same fraud to be more quickly detected

What can you do to help catch the “bastard” that committed the fraud?

There is also a very important complaint database on the website of IC3, the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The fraud should be reported to the database which will link complaints together and refer the matter to the relevant law enforcement agency.  People will need to give their personal details and an explanation of how the fraud may have been performed. After the complaint has been made online IC3 will send an email to the victim with an ID and password to enable the complaint to be viewed online.

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