Annuities – A Free 15 Lesson Guide for Annuity Investors

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Lesson 1: Annuities – What They are and How They Work – This lesson is designed to give you a basic understanding of what you can expect when investing in annuities, and who annuities are appropriate for.

Lesson 2: The Three Primary Types of Annuities – Not all annuities are created equal.  There several different types of annuities and different features which can be added to the same type of annuity.

Lesson 3: Fixed Annuities – Fixed annuities work in a similar manner to certificates of deposit.  There are some differences however which we discuss in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Variable Annuities – This type of annuity is very different from a fixed annuity.  Variable annuities are riskier but have more potential upside as well.  Here’s what you need to know.

Lesson 5: Index and Fixed Index Annuities –  Indexed or fixed indexed annuities can provide a guaranteed return and big potential upside.  There are some downsides as well however, which we will explore in this lesson.

Lesson 6: Immediate (Lifetime Income) vs. Deferred Annuities – Do you need income from your annuity right away, or do you want to set things up so that you have income at some future date?  Let us show you how to choose between an immediate and a deferred annuity.

Lesson 7: The Death Benefit – What happens to your annuity when you die? Do you get to pass along the value of the annuity to your children or heirs? In most cases the answer is yes, but with two major caveats.

Lesson 8: How to Get Lifetime Income from Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities – Many annuities provide lifetime income, but different features and conditions apply depending on which annuity you choose.  Here’s what you need to know.

Lesson 9: How to Get Lifetime Income from a Variable Annuity – Variable annuities have more risk than fixed and fixed indexed annuities but they can still provide lifetime income.  If that’s your goal here’s how you can reach it with a variable annuity.

Lesson 10: How Safe are Annuities – There are two things that most annuity investors are concerned with.  The first is can they lose money in their annuity due to market fluctuations. The second is the financial stability of their annuity company.  We discuss both in this lesson.

Lesson 11: Annuities vs. Mutual Funds – Annuities can resemble mutual funds in a lot of ways however some people choose annuities for their tax deferral benefits or other reasons.  Let us give you an overview of the differences to help you decide which types of investments are right for your situation.

Lesson 12: Annuity Expenses – The fees on annuities can vary widely depending on the type of annuity and the features that you want added to that annuity.  This lesson will help you determine how to get the annuity you are looking for with the least cost to you.

Lesson 13: Taxes on Annuities – One of the biggest benefits of annuities is that as long as money stays in the annuity you do not have to pay taxes on it.  However, tax deferred does not mean tax exempt.  Here’s what you need to know.

Lesson 14: Early Withdrawal Penalties – If you need to withdraw money from your annuity early, you are likely to incur penalties from both the IRS and the annuity company.  Here’s what you need to know.

Lesson 15: How to Buy an Annuity – Now that you understand all the ins and outs of annuities, and have decided annuities are right for you, here’s how to go about actually purchasing the annuity.

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  1. benjamin holm says

    im going thru extreme financial hardships, have a 20k life stage fund thru NEAP, that they will not allow me to take an early lump sum withdrawal. am homeless, lost my truck, and am struggling to keep my head above water. why cant i get any kind of financial help from an annuity that is mine. desperate

    • David Waring says

      Hi Benjamin,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, this is the downside of some annuities – no withdrawals until you reach a certain age.

      However, you may be able to sell the annuity, if you check out a site like . Hope that helps. Best Regards, Dave

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